TESC Innovation

Brumathe, France Contactless energy transfer technology Manufacturer of products and materials

Revolutionize your daily life without changing your habits

Thanks to patented technology based on the principle of magnetic resonance, our smart solutions enable contactless charging of all types of equipment and electric vehicles.

The principle ? A bit like when you recharge your smartphone on a wireless station: you put the equipment on the support and the magic happens.

With TESC technology, there is no need for direct contact or handling cables! All you have to do is place your electric vehicle near the device for it to recharge autonomously.

Flexible and safe technology that extends battery life

Small power (up to 500 W): electric bicycles and scooters, etc.
Medium power (500 W > 1,5 kW): AGV autonomous robots, electric carts, etc.
High power (+ 1,5 kW): electric cars, electric boats, etc.

The advantages: wide emission distance, IP68 protection index, metal object presence sensor (optional)