Case laws

  1. Expropriation does not compensate for the loss of a tolerance
  2. The Carrez law applies to buildings to be constructed
  3. During a sale, there may be forgotten easements
  4. The lending bank is not responsible for everything
  5. Pacsé, we contribute according to our abilities
  6. The usual architect does not have to be put in competition
  7. Pay attention to the wording of a suspensive condition
  8. Manager or partners must not jeopardize their SCI
  9. Any misplaced tree should not be destroyed
  10. The tenant assumes responsibility for his damage, regardless of the repairs
  11. Claiming ownership is an imprescriptible right
  12. The bankruptcy of the owner does not modify the rights of the tenant
  13. Joint ownership more or less reduces the taxable value
  14. The roofer is not necessarily insured for all roofing work
  15. Consumer credit, the bank is not responsible for everything
  16. To compel the buyer or the seller to sign, there are conditions
  17. The seller may have to pay for a defect finally repaired
  18. During construction, the risk is with the contractor
  19. The sale of a common part may not be subject to the agreement of all the co-owners
  20. Be careful with a contractor's insurance certificate