Legislation and Regulation

  1. Pensions: Macron ready for unpopularity and firmness in the face of excesses
  2. New abusive clauses in house construction contracts
  3. Legal age, contribution period, employment of seniors: the key points of the pension reform
  4. Pensions: the adoption of the reform, a "defeat", according to the press
  5. Pensions: anger does not weaken, roads blocked and transport disrupted
  6. "Zero net artificialization of soils": senators soften the text
  7. Pensions: a "vandalized" Lyon town hall, 36 arrests
  8. A seller is rarely committed to the real estate agent
  9. Pensions: what remains for the employment of seniors?
  10. Pensions: the government faced with motions of censure and social anger
  11. The Senate corrects the implementation of the "zero net artificialisation" of the Climate law
  12. Total compensation if the expropriation displaces a business
  13. Pensions: how the choice of 49.3 imposed itself on the government
  14. Pensions: disruptions in transport, energy, waste collection in Paris
  15. Pensions: Emmanuel Macron and his government resolve to 49.3
  16. Adoption of the renewable energy acceleration law: the Amorce network denounces a new failed act
  17. Pensions: power cuts at Fort Brégançon, mobilization continues
  18. Syria: seized by Lafarge, the Court of Cassation rejects its decision
  19. The key dates of the pension reform project
  20. Pensions: unsurprisingly, 64-year-olds validated by joint joint committee