Legislation and Regulation

  1. Wages in professional branches: the government will bring together the social partners
  2. End of oil-fired boilers: rural Alsace in search of new energy
  3. Traders closed during confinement must pay their rents
  4. MaPrimeRénov', EEC bonuses, pensions, fuel prices... what changes on July 1, 2022
  5. End of the adventure for the builder of the Phoenix houses
  6. The "rent shield" validated by the National Housing Council
  7. The government proposes to cap rent increases at 3,5% for one year
  8. Three years after the Senate report on bridge safety, the account is still not there
  9. The government will propose a one-year postponement of the rise in the GNR, according to professionals
  10. Social Security generalizes an offer dedicated to the self-employed in difficulty
  11. Rural families demand "an emergency plan" in the face of new energy spending
  12. The prosecution appeals the two releases in the trial of the collapsed balcony in Angers
  13. INTAIRIEUR, the label for Indoor Air Quality extends to tertiary buildings
  14. An "anti-Airbnb" regulation suspended in the administrative court in the Basque Country
  15. The reform of borrower insurance for home loans comes into force
  16. Balcony collapsed in Angers: suspended prison sentence for three defendants, the architect released
  17. Certivea awards the Center Pompidou the NF HQE Exploitation certification, a first for a museum
  18. Beyond RE2020: The State commissions the HQE-GBC Alliance to create a common frame of reference
  19. The Senate consults local elected officials for the implementation of "zero net artificialisation"
  20. Coastal erosion: The Association of Mayors of France (AMF) seizes the Council of State