Legislation and Regulation

  1. Authorization required for the suction boiler
  2. New measures will be necessary for pensions, according to the monitoring committee
  3. The decree for raising the ceilings for public aid for energy renovation was published in the Official Journal
  4. Unemployment insurance: the government wants to extend the current rules until September 30
  5. REP Order: a major step forward for responsible management of construction site waste, expected by building craftsmen
  6. The construction of an “industrial village” near the Calanques of Marseille is postponed
  7. Electricity prices: the Senate advocates a targeted reduction in taxation
  8. Suspension of the unemployment insurance reform: what now?
  9. In difficulty, the presidential camp puts its unemployment reform on hold
  10. The new owner assumes responsibility for old neighborhood troubles
  11. The demarcation of land must be physically executed
  12. The energy performance diagnosis (DPE) changes on July 1
  13. Justice validates the authorization imposed on renters of furnished tourist accommodation near Disneyland
  14. We can obtain the widening of an insufficient public road
  15. Concern is still growing for employees of the Saint-Avold coal power plant
  16. Attal announces a decree for the reform of unemployment insurance by July 1
  17. Macron “assumes” the reform of unemployment insurance but remains open on the “modalities”
  18. After the dissolution, the executive called to abandon its unemployment insurance reform
  19. Unemployment insurance reform would allow up to 5,4 billion euros in savings per year
  20. Launch of the Quiet label: be among the first 100 labeled