Legislation and Regulation

  1. In Essonne, the State to the rescue of Grigny 2 undermined by "over-indebtedness"
  2. Wargon confirms assistance with unpaid rents and specifies its strategy for exiting the winter break
  3. At the general meeting of the co-owners, it is necessary to take a position
  4. The water protection easement, little compensation
  5. The 50 new winning France Services buses announced
  6. Energy checks arrive in letterboxes from Monday
  7. Companies in reconfigured areas will have to put in place "action plans" for teleworking
  8. Regulated gas prices fall by 4,1% on average in April
  9. A Covid bonus for low wages with uncertain outlines according to two economists
  10. The government asks the prefects to implement "action plans" for teleworking
  11. Climate law: deputies' turn of the screw against new large retail outlets
  12. The draft decree on unemployment insurance sent to the social partners
  13. Land developers warn that the Climate law risks triggering a "major real estate crisis"
  14. MEPs vote to ban the rental of "thermal strainers" in 2028
  15. Para-cyclonic regulations in overseas construction
  16. Government plans a bonus for second-line workers
  17. Terms of territorial application of the SRU law to be reviewed according to a report from the Court of Auditors
  18. Compensation for partial unemployment remains unchanged until the end of April
  19. The surety surety must not pay too quickly
  20. In 2020, new housing players maintained the course of environmental quality