Legislation and Regulation

  1. The Senate is unanimous on a bill against “degraded housing”
  2. The Senate is looking into “degraded housing”, in the absence of a “major housing law”
  3. Unemployment insurance facing a new turn of the screw
  4. The law against degraded housing in the Senate, while waiting for better
  5. Energy policy: Coénove speaks on the prospects for the gas sector in the building sector
  6. Unemployment insurance in the green in 2024 but risks being drained further
  7. U2P “alerts” on two proposals for the simplification law
  8. Farmers demonstrate in front of the Château de Chambord
  9. False Vinci press release: definitive condemnation for the Bloomberg agency
  10. After agriculture, the government makes announcements for construction
  11. In Corsica, convicted for destruction of protected turtles, a contractor authorized to resume his site
  12. By modifying the DPE, Bercy wants to remove “hundreds of thousands of homes” from the status of “thermal sieve”
  13. The correction of the energy diagnosis (DPE) of housing generally praised by professionals
  14. Roland Lescure reopens the debate on France's energy sovereignty and plans a law this year
  15. Christophe Béchu confirms the simplification of the energy diagnosis of housing
  16. After Lorient, public works craftsmen block the Brest oil depot
  17. Seniors and employment: when unemployment and hardship are the only horizon
  18. In the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, two environmental activists sentenced to suspended fines
  19. The EU adopts its plan for green industries in the face of Beijing and Washington
  20. The Order of Expert Surveyors welcomes the overhaul of the DPE calculation method for small areas