Legislation and Regulation

  1. The Mayor confirms the indexation of the income tax scale to take into account inflation
  2. Manager or partners must not jeopardize their SCI
  3. EnR Acceleration Law and Climate Law: car parks at the heart of the transition
  4. Immigration: the measure on professions in tension “will be in the text”, assures Houlié (Renaissance)
  5. Secondary residences: nearly 2.600 new municipalities will be able to increase their housing tax
  6. RE2020: new carbon thresholds in 2025, 2028 and 2031
  7. Any misplaced tree should not be destroyed
  8. The tenant assumes responsibility for his damage, regardless of the repairs
  9. Unworthy habitat: new legal convictions in Marseille
  10. Legal age, contribution period, employment of seniors: the key points of the pension reform which comes into force on September 1
  11. Employers denounce a possible new spread of the abolition of a production tax
  12. The deadline for the declaration of real estate to taxes is maintained at Thursday evening
  13. The government sends the social partners the framework of the negotiations on unemployment insurance
  14. A third grace period for the declaration of real estate
  15. The tax authorities give one more day to declare real estate, until August 1 inclusive
  16. The Craftsmen of Public Works and Landscape denounce the questioning for the construction industry of the TICPE on the GNR Non-Road Diesel
  17. The Constitutional Council validates the "anti-squat" law, with the exception of an article
  18. Decryption of the green industry bill adopted at first reading by Parliament
  19. Post-riot reconstructions: express validation of a bill in Parliament
  20. MPs want to free the HLMs of the richest tenants