Legislation and Regulation

  1. The Government announces the payment of an exceptional energy check of 100 euros for the most modest households
  2. Real estate and diagnostics professionals call for rapid improvement in new DPE
  3. Does the plan for the self-employed announced by Macron risk worsening the imbalance between artisans and microenterprises?
  4. UN experts call on France to improve its copy on Disability
  5. "Chaufferie de la Défense": the Versailles Court of Appeal confirms the annulment of the proceedings
  6. Macron announces plan for 3 million self-employed workers
  7. The rules for granting real estate loans made binding, under penalty of sanctions for banks
  8. Will the "La Défense boiler room" trial soon be canceled?
  9. The future "Pinel +" device should integrate housing quality criteria
  10. Conditions "still not right" for pension reform, says Castex
  11. Unemployment insurance reform "absolutely essential", says Castex
  12. Lafarge in Syria: the Court of Cassation reopens the debate on "complicity in crimes against humanity"
  13. Government announces reform of emergency accommodation
  14. Businessman Michel Coencas sentenced to four years in prison
  15. The rumor of a pension reform before 2022 relaunched
  16. The ordering State must set an example on the increase in wages, according to the Medef
  17. After the niet of the unions, the pension reform compromised
  18. Borloo denounces the persistence of "urban segregation" in France
  19. Castex receives social partners for a broad news tour
  20. Government slows the pace of new notary installations