Legislation and Regulation

  1. "Several scenarios" evoked to push back the retirement age
  2. Assembly adopts decried measures against squats and unpaid rent
  3. Announcements concerning the pension reform "by the end of the 2nd week of December", assures Véran
  4. The Assembly adopts a measure to speed up lease terminations for unpaid rent
  5. The validation of the 10% VAT rate for pergolas requested by the SNFA has just been confirmed
  6. Boiler control: thermostat control now mandatory
  7. The Assembly begins the examination of a contentious anti-squats bill
  8. HLM movement and tenant associations sign an anti-energy crisis charter
  9. Unemployment insurance: computer bug on the "bonus-malus" of 6.000 companies
  10. Housing crisis and second homes: the Senate is struggling to find an answer
  11. The Senate opposed to the postponement of the revision of the rental values ​​of residential premises
  12. Unemployment insurance: "18 months to find a job is enough", says Véran
  13. Suspended prison sentence for the dumping of waste in the Calanques of Marseille
  14. Government unveils future unemployment insurance compensation rules
  15. The Senate votes on a reform of the taxation on real estate capital gains
  16. Mayors tempted by an increase in property tax rates in 2023
  17. Unemployment benefit duration will vary depending on unemployment rate, unions say
  18. The Parliament will pave the way for a new unemployment insurance reform
  19. The commissioners of justice alert the professionals of the BTP on the findings of no value in the event of litigation
  20. End of special regimes: "provocation", "irresponsible" decision for the unions of electricians and the RATP