Legislation and Regulation

  1. We can repaint before selling
  2. Unemployment insurance: reform put to the test of the Council of State
  3. What is rented must be accessible
  4. Recylex and Retia ordered to compensate SNCF Réseau for the rehabilitation of the public railway domain
  5. Expropriation does not compensate for the loss of a tolerance
  6. Between "distress" and "shame", the concern of tenants before the resumption of evictions
  7. No need for prejudice to deny access to your property
  8. Foncia wins appeal against UFC-Que Choisir in France's first class action
  9. CAPEB mobilizes with CNATP to demand the postponement of the abolition of GNR
  10. Submission of the 2017-2019 USH triennial report on the valuation of the property tax abatement on built properties
  11. The Senate Economic Affairs Committee invites Emmanuelle Wargon to consolidate the "Housing" component of the Climate-Resilience bill
  12. Covid-19: Scientists call for a "paradigm shift" concerning the ventilation of buildings
  13. The method of calculating unemployment insurance at the heart of the dispute
  14. In the face of nuisances, we can terminate the neighbour's lease
  15. Government launches ratification of ILO Convention on harassment at work
  16. LREM law proposal to the Assembly on Tuesday concerning parity and quotas in companies
  17. The Abbé Pierre Foundation calls for an extension of the winter break beyond May 31
  18. The tax authorities are not required to give certain information
  19. The Climate & Resilience bill adopted at first reading by the National Assembly
  20. The Senate defends the wage guarantee scheme during business bankruptcies