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2024 - Week 08
Downward growth forecast: the government announces immediate savings including 1 billion on MaPrimeRénov'
Public finances
French economic growth will be less vigorous than expected in 2024, with a forecast reduced to 1%, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire announced on Sunday February 18, unveiling 10 billion in "immediate" savings to meet the ambitions of deficit reduction. Read more
For MaPrimeRénov', the emergency in 2024 is not budgetary but the immediate revision of the system according to CAPEB
News Organization by CAPEB
Following the announcement by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, to cut the budget allocated to MaPrimeRénov' for 2024 by one billion euros, CAPEB welcomes this principle of reality with pragmatism. Read more
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In short
Anger rises among construction professionals who launch last chance appeal
Organization News
Anger is growing among building professionals, the federation of developers and builders Pôle Habitat warned on Thursday February 22, warning against a movement like that of farmers. Read more
Abysmal fall for the real estate development market which reached a historic low point in 2023
Study / Review / Report
Adequation, a real estate market research and consulting company, analyzes the real estate development market: in freefall, retail sales of real estate development reached last year the low point observed during the crisis of the 1990s. The decline is general with a few rare exceptions, and certain territories are suffering more than others. Read more
Top 20 cities most threatened by the ZAN law
Study / Review / Report
The 7th Arthur Loyd Barometer calculates the impact that the implementation of the objective of zero net artificialization will have, aiming to protect soil and fight against urban sprawl: 113.000 hectares will be missing in mainland France by 2030 , to house the French and develop the territories. 20 cities are particularly affected, with the very attractive Toulouse, Bordeaux and Nantes at the top of the list. Read more
2023, a dark year for business failures in France, construction and real estate on the front line
Study / Review / Report
Last year was a particularly difficult year for businesses. More than 55.000 companies are affected by the opening of a safeguard, recovery or liquidation procedure, giving one of the worst fourth quarters in 30 years with sectors particularly affected such as construction and real estate. Read more
Domino effect of the real estate crisis on the consumption of housing equipment
Study / Review / Report
The real estate crisis has cascading effects on all housing equipment markets. Decoration, household appliances, furniture, boilers... are all collateral victims, indicate several reports presented a few days ago. Read more
Living environment: a barometer revealing the current aspirations and concerns of the French
Study / Review / Report
The National Living Environment Observatory (ONCV) delivers the results of the third edition of the “Annual Living Environment Barometer” on February 20. The objective? Provide living environment stakeholders and communities with indicators to integrate the aspirations and concerns of the French into their development projects. Read more
Real estate credit: The in-between... The banks are looking for each other!
For the second consecutive month, banks are trying to increase their attractiveness but the movement is more moderate or more dispersed depending on the region. With significant fluctuations in the cost of money, some banks attempt marked reductions, others play patience by proceeding in small steps, finally the last ones proceed with increases after having been a little too rapid... Read more
Nexans allays fears over offshore wind and forecasts record profitability
Renewable energy
The clouds are dissipating for the cable company Nexans after concerns at the end of 2023 for the future of offshore wind power, one of its rapidly developing markets: the group anticipates new profitability records for 2024 despite the impact of the crisis construction. Read more
Faced with the great difficulties of the main guarantor of new houses, SMABTP comes to the support of CGI Bâtiment
Company News by SMABTP
The SMABTP group, co-owner of CGI Bâtiment, the main guarantor of house construction in France, plans to absorb it to try to save it, it announced Thursday February 22, confirming information from Challenges magazine. Read more
Gecina achieves its 2023 objectives and plans better in 2024
Company News
The real estate company Gecina, owner of offices in western Paris, published a few days ago an annual result for 2023 up 8,4%, in the upper range of its forecasts, and expects a further increase in 2024 . Read more
Icade wants to diversify and advocates “mixed” projects
Company News
Icade, the real estate subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, wants to develop more “mixed” real estate projects, combining several types of activity, after selling its health assets, according to its five-year strategic plan unveiled Monday February 19. Read more
U2P “alerts” on two proposals for the simplification law
The Union of Local Businesses (U2P) "welcomed" Tuesday February 20 the objective of administrative simplification to which the government is committed, while "warning" about two proposals contained in a parliamentary report on this theme delivered last Thursday. Read more
A flat-rate contribution for employees to the personal training account (CPF) “implemented” in 2024
The Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts, Thomas Cazenave, announced Monday February 19 the establishment from 2024 of a flat-rate participation of employees in the personal training account (CPF), as part of the 10 billion additional savings planned this year. Read more
Five men indicted for vast social fraud in the construction industry in Nantes
Five men were indicted last week in the investigation into a vast fraud of more than six million euros in social security contributions organized since 2017 in the construction sector in the Nantes region, we learned on Tuesday February 20 with the Rennes public prosecutor's office. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
New production unit for Sebico in Villetaneuse
News Manufacturer by Sebico
At the dawn of its 100th anniversary, Sebico, a historic player in the field of plot water management, has decided to invest in the future by strengthening its production tools dedicated to polyethylene tanks and pits. Read more
Xella reduces its carbon footprint by 35% and publishes its new FDES
News Manufacturer by xella
Reducing its carbon footprint in the construction industry, preserving resources and developing sustainable solutions are the major challenges in the Xella group's environmental strategy. In terms of low-carbon construction, Xella cellular concrete is unique both in terms of its intrinsic thermal and mechanical qualities and its manufacturing process. Read more
Saint-Gobain in negotiations for the acquisition of the Australian construction group CSR
News Manufacturer by Saint-Gobain
Saint-Gobain announced on Wednesday February 21 the submission of a non-binding offer to acquire the Australian construction materials group CSR Limited, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, with a view to acquiring its entire capital. Read more
The Société Francilienne de Bâtiment and Cycle Up inaugurate a new storage warehouse in Aulnay-sous-Bois
Distributor News
In collaboration with the SFB, Cycle Up, a company specializing in the reuse of construction materials, inaugurated a new warehouse dedicated to second-hand materials a few days ago. Read more
France Air welcomes its new marketing director
Appointment by France Air
A major player in air treatment, France Air announces the appointment of Clément Nagel to the position of Marketing Director France. As part of his duties, Clément Nagel will accelerate the company's development dynamic in its tertiary, housing and industrial markets, relying on innovation in order to respond to the challenges of decarbonization of buildings and digitalization of services for customers. Read more
Geothermal energy: Mérignac nautical stadium, episode #5 – Word to ADEME
Video by ADEME
ADEME is supporting the construction of the new Mérignac nautical stadium and the choice of geothermal energy. Episode #5, Word to ADEME - A swimming pool has significant thermal needs to ensure the treatment of indoor air, the heating of pool water or even domestic hot water. The choice of renewable energy is essential. Read more
Experience the fabulous adventure of electricity! (STFR)
Video by EDF
Live the fabulous adventure of electricity for an experience that will never be forgotten! This film is an invitation to come and discover behind the scenes of EDF's electricity production through visits to spectacular industrial installations, light shows and educational and fun content! Read more
Magnificent Synthetic Grass Garden before / after
Video by Garden'Park Concept
Today, we present to you a great achievement for a construction site in Cavaillon (84) with the installation of 350m2 of Gardeneo Green® synthetic turf. Read more
Depolluting paint: more or less toxic?
Fipec has produced a series of educational videos "A good layer of confusion: The True / False of Fipec". These videos help clarify certain preconceived ideas that circulate about the chemicals that our federation represents. Read more
Viacon France TuboSTORM and TuboFIRE in Chalon sur Saône
Video by Viacon
Viacon thanks the Colas company (Agence Saône-et-Loire) for their confidence in this great achievement for a new food factory under construction in the Châlonnaise region. In record time, a mixed TuboSTORM® tank of 2.000 m3 (storm buffer basin; D9A) and 4 TuboFIRE® tanks of 120 m3 (DECI fire reserve) were installed by the Colas teams. Read more
AGC Low Carbon Glass: The range of low carbon glass
Video by AGC Glass France
AGC's range of low-carbon glasses meets the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030*. The production of Low-Carbon Glass emits 40% less CO2 compared to classic flat glass for the same technical characteristics. Read more
Uretek® renovates the historic theater of Evreux
Video by URETEK® France
Built in 1903 according to the plans of the architect Léon Legendre, the Evreux theater has become fragile over the years, despite its beautiful exterior appearance. Read more
Roof waterproofing at 3.200 meters altitude
Video by Sika
Sika participated in the design of the waterproofing system as part of the ski lift linking the village of Orelle to the resort. For this extraordinary project, the implementation was designed with specific constructive provisions and a choice of waterproofing membrane resistant to the mountain climate. Read more
Products and Materials
A new low-carbon C2S1 glue enters the “Responsible & Sustainable” range offered by PRB
Advertising-editorial by PRB
PRB teams are aware of the environmental impact of the construction industry, where almost half of Europe's raw materials are used and a third of waste is generated, which is why PRB is committed to contributing to the fight against global warming. Read more
New cutting table for biosourced insulation
New product by Edma
EDMA completes its range of tools dedicated to façade construction with its new cutting table for bio-sourced insulation. The new EDMA cutting table for bio-sourced insulation is an excellent cutting jig made of stable and robust aluminum. It is equipped with 2 side rulers with adjustable angles as well as a cutting carriage, sliding on an adjustable guide and adjustable in depth. Read more
New GLF 55-6 Ultra-compact Bosch Professional Edge Trimmer for precise one-handed guidance
New product by Bosch Australia
With the new GLF 55-6 Professional trimmer, Bosch offers woodworking professionals (kitchens, carpenters, cabinetmakers, etc.) an ergonomic, ultra-compact and well-balanced tool. Read more
Wooden windows, the response to RE2020 for new buildings: a virtuous material with a low carbon impact
Zoom produced by CNDB
Wooden windows are particularly suitable for new buildings built within the framework of the “RE2020” Environmental Regulations. They combine all the assets that make them the best choice for very low carbon impact construction: eco-responsible wood from sustainably managed forests, traceability throughout the life cycle, energy-efficient manufacturing and high thermal insulation performance. Read more
The 3 Kinedo Pro Shower, Balneotherapy and SPA 2024 catalogs are available
New catalog by Kinedo
Kinedo, a key French player in the bathroom industry through its diverse offering, announces the availability of its 2024 catalogs dedicated to bathroom professionals and sanitary wholesalers: Kinedo Pro Douche, Kinedo Pro Balnéo and Kinedo Pro SPA. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Orly in 2035: fewer cars, “moderate” increase in passenger traffic
Reduce the space for cars, streamline access to planes, in a context of "moderate" growth in passenger traffic: Paris-Orly airport presented on Wednesday February 21 the broad outlines of its development project horizon 2035. Read more
A summer under the sun, with Kebony
Realization by Kebony
Which has been said, ideally, terrace and swimming pool – in other words, one of the favorite playgrounds of the Norwegian sustainable wood brand Kebony. This real, high-end and ecological modified wood is used in numerous exterior applications by architects around the world: terraces, cladding, roofs and furniture. Its aesthetic qualities, its absence of splinters and the need for maintenance make it the ideal companion for the sunniest of seasons. Read more
A virtuous construction that uses local resources
Realization by Siniat
The future Collège de Montbéliard-Nord Bethoncourt, located in the Pays de Montbéliard conurbation, stands out for its desire to offer active teaching in an energy-efficient setting. Its recent construction was based on the priority use of local resources. Read more
Idex installs several charging stations for Acer employees
Realization by Idex
IDEX, an independent leader in low-carbon energy which notably offers turnkey solutions for photovoltaic infrastructure and charging stations for electric vehicles, has been entrusted by Acer with the installation of 8 charging stations and 18 pre-equipped spaces , to prepare for the future in terms of eco-mobility for employees at its site located in Angers. Read more
Colas installs permeable and eco-designed Purple Pav slabs on the McPhy Gigafactory site in Belfort
Realization by Drives
Colas, a major player in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, and its partner, the Belfort-based startup Purple Alternative Surface, have just installed 500 m2 of Purple Pav slabs on the site of the first electrolyser Gigafactory French McPhy in Belfort. Read more
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