Employment and Training

  1. The UNML, the Minister for Integration and the FFB sign a partnership for the professional integration of young people
  2. Launch of the 3C.Académie du CCCA-BTP
  3. 15.000 student job offers published on the government site "1 young person, 1 solution"
  4. Extension of France Relance aid for apprenticeship until June 30
  5. The FFB for a construction OPCO
  6. Covid-19: The Court of Auditors notes a profusion of measures for employment at the risk of scattering
  7. Sharp reduction in prevention training in artisanal construction companies
  8. Decentralization: the Senate gives the regions employment competence
  9. Following the influx of transfers from the DIF to the CPF, the government promises "flexibility"
  10. An annual survey by Pôle emploi highlights the recruitment needs of the surveyor sector
  11. Parliament adopts a reform of the training of local elected representatives
  12. Only a few days left before the end of the DIF transfer, "billions" lost for training
  13. A report suggests ways to better regulate usage fixed-term contracts
  14. Executive and social partners decided to clean up the training systems
  15. The FEEBAT energy saving training program publishes its 2020 activity report
  16. Synergie employment barometer: jobs recruiting in the construction industry
  17. The professional integration of young people has progressed less quickly with the crisis
  18. Construction and construction trades at the top of recruitments in Q1 2021
  19. More than one million training courses funded since 2018 thanks to the skills investment plan
  20. Covid-19: 22% drop in the number of internships in companies in 2020