Employment and Training

  1. Social partners urged by the government to work towards full employment
  2. Employment remains in the green in the third quarter
  3. Reform of the professional high school: Carole Grandjean details the final year
  4. Employment of seniors: employers and unions officially invited to reach an agreement
  5. Unions call for a strike on December 12 against the reform of vocational high schools
  6. Turnaround or setback? Unemployment rate up to 7,4%
  7. Quebec is looking for thousands of construction professionals by 2026
  8. The rise in unemployment in the third quarter could mark a reversal of the trend
  9. The OFCE anticipates a rise in unemployment in France at the end of 2023 and in 2024
  10. Personal training account: the government will not charge employees in 2024 according to Dussopt
  11. On the job market, sustainable finance profiles are still rare.
  12. France Travail will be “co-piloted” with communities, suggests Dussopt
  13. Hellio partners with L'atelier des Chefs to train professionals in the Mon Accompagnateur Rénov' system
  14. Ecological transition looking for engineers for the start of the school year
  15. Building the energy transition: electrical “network schools” make their first return
  16. Launch of Hellio Académie to train professionals in the new challenges of the energy transition
  17. The situation of vocational high schools "is unacceptable", says Macron
  18. Apprenticeship funding 'oversized and inflationary' says government report
  19. For the first time, more than 1 young people are apprentices in craft businesses, a figure up 200.000% over one year
  20. An allowance paid from the beginning of 2024 to high school students in a professional environment