Employment and Training

  1. Synergie employment barometer: jobs recruiting in the construction industry
  2. Covid-19: 22% drop in the number of internships in companies in 2020
  3. Xavier Niel will finance a free agricultural school
  4. Valérie Pécresse launches an "RJA" to train 18-25 year olds in Ile-de-France
  5. 30.000 internships posted on March 1 on the 1jeune1solution platform
  6. Nearly 1,2 million young people signed a contract in five months
  7. Matignon announces the creation of 1.000 jobs in departmental state services
  8. Record rise in apprenticeship in 2020 with nearly 500.000 contracts signed
  9. Partial unemployment: government aid will continue "as long as necessary", assures Borne
  10. The CCCA-BTP launches the Learning Club BTP
  11. Apprentice hiring aid will be paid by February 5, says Borne
  12. Borne announces the extension of aid for youth employment
  13. Three out of four CFAs increased their number of apprentices in 2020
  14. The Senate adopts the 2021 "work and employment" budget, modified
  15. Hiring intentions in France decrease for the 1st quarter of 2021 compared to 2020
  16. Exceptional stimulus plan with € 18 million for the development of construction apprenticeship
  17. The building materials industry represents a potential of 1.400 recruitments per year
  18. Castex promises "as many resources as necessary" to support learning
  19. The government confirms that there will be no decrease in apprenticeship funding at the start of the 2021 school year
  20. Remote SS4 asbestos training, it's possible!