Employment and Training

  1. CMA CGM inaugurates a training center with AI and decarbonization as priorities
  2. Near Toulouse, reintegration via ecological transition
  3. The government wants to eliminate hiring assistance for professionalization contracts
  4. The government unveils a “heat pump” plan targeting 45.000 new jobs
  5. Employment negotiations for seniors: the very last lap
  6. Energy renovation of buildings: training to interpret thermograms in a relevant manner
  7. In industry, 5% of employees are work-study workers
  8. 80.000 new jobs to be filled by 2030 in engineering
  9. Veolia launches a school of “ecological transformation” led by Jean-Michel Blanquer
  10. Employment of seniors: negotiations are slipping, according to the unions
  11. A flat-rate contribution for employees to the personal training account (CPF) “implemented” in 2024
  12. In the Dunkirk training plant, learning the “good gestures” of nuclear power
  13. Learning: the CMAs and the Régions de France association call on the government to save the 2024 school year
  14. Back to school day at banking school
  15. Mines Télécom (IMT) is committed to training 20% ​​more engineering students by 2027
  16. Macron announces “Act II of labor market reform” to achieve “full employment”
  17. Gedilearning: a unique and interactive training platform
  18. Assistance for hiring an apprentice is renewed in 2024
  19. Social partners want to find an agreement on senior employment by March 26
  20. Dussopt calls for accelerating the application of unemployment insurance reforms