Employment and Training

  1. An initiative launched to facilitate the European mobility of apprentices
  2. Borne defends learning, "huge lever for equal opportunities"
  3. The Court of Auditors is alarmed by a "financial impasse" in learning
  4. CFA teachers and trainers test the first two initial training modules of the FEEBAT program
  5. 110.000 beneficiaries of the youth employment contract in three months
  6. 20 years after its creation, ongoing experiments to facilitate the validation of acquired experience
  7. Apprenticeship boosts employment but does little to explain the fall in unemployment
  8. Qualifelec and Qualibat are committed to supporting construction companies towards electromobility
  9. Learning aids extended "at least until the end of the year"
  10. For Elisabeth Borne, "full employment is within reach"
  11. Renewal of the FEEBAT program to train building professionals in energy renovation work
  12. Employment and training in full evolution in the Building sector in Ile-de-France
  13. Companies in the countryside... to recruit apprentices
  14. 70.000 beneficiaries of the youth engagement contract since its launch in March
  15. The FFB announces something new in professional construction certifications
  16. The FEEBAT program continues its development for the training of future building professionals
  17. Health crisis: time to train, but unevenly distributed
  18. "Counterparts" at RSA: a program to return to the world of work, according to Borne
  19. More than 24.000 Young Talent Builders recruited in the neighborhoods
  20. Many construction trades among the most promising by 2030 according to a report by the Ministry of Labor