Employment and Training

  1. Pensions: the Senate votes the creation of a new CDI to promote the employment of seniors
  2. Ecole Gustave opens the doors of construction to women
  3. New record for apprenticeship in 2022 with more than 800.000 contracts signed
  4. A survey details the uses of the personal training account (CPF)
  5. The unemployment rate down slightly in France, to the lowest since 2008
  6. EDEC of construction economists and surveyors: the Ministry of Labour, the FIAC and Atlas are committed to the attractiveness of the branch
  7. Employment of seniors: the government opens the door to more "coercive" measures
  8. Aid for hiring a work-study student maintained until the end of the five-year term
  9. Personal training account: the government amendment causes a stir
  10. Towards a financial participation of employees when using their personal training account
  11. The government maintains significant aid to reach one million apprentices
  12. Full employment remains an "achievable" goal, according to Dussopt
  13. Occupation in tension: house painter
  14. Recruitment tensions: Dussopt announces a new plan to "act on all fronts"
  15. Pôle emploi, the CAPEB, the FFB and the FNTP are mobilizing for employment in the construction industry
  16. Kick-off of the training of civil servants in the ecological transition
  17. Employment of seniors: Dussopt plans to combine salary and compensation
  18. The health crisis has slowed down the retraining of the least qualified
  19. Training faced with the challenge of the shortage of candidates
  20. Many jobs for French engineers, but great difficulties in recruiting