Employment and Training

  1. 25% increase in apprenticeship in 2021 with at least 650.000 contracts
  2. Gustave, the first free craft school with a key job
  3. The CCCA-BTP launches "Destination BTP"
  4. The government announces a budget extension of 2 billion for France skills
  5. A new collective wants to give another "course" to vocational education
  6. Student learning is a worthwhile investment, study finds
  7. The apprenticeship continues in 2021 a "very positive dynamic", assures Borne
  8. The UNML, the Minister for Integration and the FFB sign a partnership for the professional integration of young people
  9. Launch of the 3C.Académie du CCCA-BTP
  10. 15.000 student job offers published on the government site "1 young person, 1 solution"
  11. Apec renews its scheme for the employment of young graduates
  12. Extension of France Relance aid for apprenticeship until June 30
  13. Eclipsed during the crisis, training wants to be a pillar of the recovery
  14. Craftsmanship, the leading provider of apprentices in France, with staff numbers still on the rise for 1 years
  15. Very sharp drop in partial activity in July according to Élisabeth Borne
  16. Recruitment difficulties put bosses under pressure to raise wages
  17. The FFB for a construction OPCO
  18. CAPEB and Pôle emploi form a partnership to promote hiring in the construction sector
  19. Covid-19: The Court of Auditors notes a profusion of measures for employment at the risk of scattering
  20. Sharp reduction in prevention training in artisanal construction companies