Construction Companies and Craftsmen

  1. REP PMCB: Valobat increases its capital with the entry of Le Commerce du Bois (LCB)
  2. Olivier Salleron re-elected president of the FFB
  3. Bouygues Construction cuts the carbon footprint of offices by three with its new concept building
  4. Observatory of the employment of entrepreneurs: 38.670 business leaders "unemployed" in 2022
  5. Agreement between Icade and Primonial for the sale of Icade Santé
  6. QUARTET deploys the QSE method to assess the overall performance of buildings undergoing renovation
  7. Before the real estate fair, excitement around "coliving"
  8. Booming managed residences
  9. Enedis plans historic investments for charging stations and new connections
  10. How real estate developers are adapting to "zero net land take"
  11. Société de la Tour Eiffel's 2022 annual results and first progress report on the new roadmap
  12. Artisans Artipôle sets out again to seduce the general public
  13. CAPEB and Terreal sign a partnership to accelerate the development of solar photovoltaic
  14. The OMBREE project, which works to reduce energy consumption in overseas buildings, is gaining momentum
  15. New barometer on the morale and confidence of real estate and city players
  16. Real estate developers call for exceptional tax assistance
  17. Energy renovation of condominiums: Architects are testing the future Feebat DynaMOE Copro training course
  18. Idex visits schools to attract new talent
  19. International Women's Rights Day: CAPEB recalls that the building trades are also a women's affair
  20. The building is also built for women