State and Communities

  1. In the corons of the former mining basin, thermal renovation "changes life"
  2. In Saint-Ouen, an urban renovation costing several million euros raises questions
  3. Raising of shields to defend very sixties buildings threatened with demolition in Toulouse
  4. Grenoble increases its property tax and makes its museums free
  5. In Paris, an "urban forest" will emerge from the ground at Place du Colonel-Fabien
  6. In the metropolis of Rennes, building with a balcony is an obligation
  7. Strasbourg acquires a medieval drawing of the cathedral, "an invaluable work"
  8. HLM authorizations still insufficient in 2022
  9. Cameroonian artist Barthélémy Toguo chosen to decorate Montpellier tramway trains
  10. In Paris, the "urban promenade", symbol of a difficult change in La Chapelle
  11. The Overseas Minister simplifies the retrocession of land to the municipalities of Guyana
  12. Metropolises gained more inhabitants between 2013 and 2019
  13. The city of Paris launches home insurance for low-income tenants
  14. The mayor of Paris and the PSG are engaged in a bitter battle over the future of the Parc des Princes
  15. The Court of Auditors "concerned" by the state of public finances
  16. Greater Paris ZFE: the application schedule worries professionals
  17. Hidalgo does not want to sell the Parc des Princes, Paris SG ready "to leave their house"
  18. Before the Olympics, many projects for Anne Hidalgo
  19. Faced with the exodus of inhabitants, the town hall of Paris is accelerating
  20. Demand for offices in Ile-de-France increased in 2022