State and Communities

  1. Heavily criticized on the maintenance of Paris, Hidalgo promises to initiate decentralization "before the summer" for more efficiency
  2. 275 new middle and high schools launched in the CUBE.S energy saving challenge
  3. The Caisse des Dépôts saw its net profit divided by three in 2020
  4. Public procurement barometer 2020 AdCF / Territory Bank
  5. Jean-Jacques Annaud seeks amateur videos of the Notre-Dame fire for a film
  6. Support measures are expected to cost around € 32 billion in 2021
  7. Financing agreement for the national public establishment of Mont-Saint-Michel
  8. Urban renewal: these suburbs looking for a city center
  9. Memorandum of understanding to relaunch the construction of social housing in France
  10. Cost, redundancy, inefficiency: the Court of Auditors pinpoints the chambers of commerce and agriculture
  11. EPTB Seine Grands Lacs renews its flood prevention action program (PAPI) for the Seine and Marne in the Paris region
  12. Signing of a relaunch agreement with the Territorial Collectivity of Guyana
  13. Action Logement will step up the sale of HLMs to their occupants
  14. A "guide" proposed to remove the brakes on the renovation of thermal strainers
  15. The SRU law which imposes a minimum of social housing will be perpetuated beyond 2025
  16. The Council of Paris votes a Claude-Goasguen place after a heated exchange
  17. Bordeaux inaugurates its first micro-forest intended to "break the bitumen"
  18. Destruction in Mayotte of 230 homes in a slum in application of the Elan law
  19. Ken Follett donates copyright to restore cathedral in France
  20. Addressing the sale of the Stade Vélodrome to OM would be "too premature", according to Marseille city hall