State and Communities

  1. Summary of the SOLIHA National Campaign on Housing First
  2. In 25 years, 35.000 buildings saved by the Heritage Foundation
  3. The ecological municipality of Strasbourg tackles parking
  4. Four years after Grigny's call, suburban mayors are offering their "solutions"
  5. Pressed by Macron, the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis is undergoing a forced change
  6. The government wants a single aid for the adaptation of housing to aging
  7. "Marseille en grand": the point six weeks after the Macron plan
  8. Anne Hidalgo attacked on the ecological transition in Paris by her EELV allies
  9. JO-2024: elected officials demand more sports equipment in Paris
  10. Ile-de-France notaries publish 30 proposals "for accessible housing"
  11. Paris announces tightened works by district in order to limit nuisance
  12. Marseille presents an unprecedented renovation plan for its schools
  13. The state appoints a prefect dedicated to the great Macron plan for Marseille
  14. Four feet, 10.000 tons, 1001 films: the Eiffel Tower, cinema superstar
  15. ONF funding: forest municipalities express their exasperation
  16. The Building welcomes the extension of the zero-interest loan until the end of 2023, but is worried about the future tightening announced
  17. After Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux, Marseille will overtax second homes
  18. Opening of a fundraiser for the restoration of the Pierre Paulin furniture at the Palais d'Iéna
  19. The Court of Auditors in favor of a financial takeover of Action Logement by the State
  20. Housing: can we combine the sustainable with the pleasant?