State and Communities

  1. In Marseille, soon a patio to fill the “gaping hole” left by the tragedy of rue d’Aubagne
  2. Ranking of cities according to their DPE and unequal effect of this rating on real estate prices in France
  3. Patrick Martin (Medef) offers Gabriel Attal three quantified avenues for reform
  4. SRU law: the will of mayors “determining” in achieving objectives, according to a study
  5. A parliamentary report formulates 35 proposals for social housing
  6. France needs 400.000 additional homes per year, according to a study
  7. More accessible and hygienic, the promises of the new public toilets in Paris
  8. In Paris, the town hall proceeds with the contested removal of the gates from the Square du Bataclan
  9. Olympic Games-2024: 6,7 to 11,1 billion in economic benefits expected for Paris and its region
  10. The Marseille statue of the “Good Mother” will be re-gilded, like every 30 years
  11. In Paris, in the squares between Bastille and the Saint-Martin canal, the gates of discord
  12. Attal praises Europe “solutions” in Agen
  13. Timetable for ban on renting thermal strainers will not be kept, senators warn
  14. In Paris, a new method proposed for tree cutting in the Bois de Vincennes
  15. Toulouse adopts a plan to safeguard its old center
  16. Rent control in Paris: average reduction of 64 euros per month
  17. Alongside the Olympics, the heritage of Seine-Saint-Denis
  18. Guillaume Kasbarian asks public land establishments to release in 2024 the land necessary for the production of 17.000 housing units
  19. A consultation to save Fort Boyard from “ruin”
  20. Living with a senior, the D system of certain young civil servants