State and Communities

  1. New Caledonia in search of a "green nickel" label
  2. The accounts of the City of Paris certified by an auditor
  3. Morland, model city of Hidalgo in Paris with stunning views of the Seine
  4. Hidalgo launches its ring road battle in Paris
  5. Energy: the resistance is organized to defend the public service
  6. The metropolis of Lyon substitutes an "express tram" for its abandoned gondola project
  7. The transformation of offices into housing, a solution that is struggling to take off
  8. In western Ukraine, museums on the defensive
  9. Between the house and the Ehpad, shared habitats for seniors
  10. Deprived of regional subsidy, the Tony Garnier museum in Lyon fears a closure
  11. B. Pompili and J. Djebbari launch the second AVELO 2 call for projects to support cycling policies in sparsely and moderately dense areas
  12. The Champs-Elysées in Paris will be greened and refreshed
  13. The west of Lyon will not be served by a gondola
  14. The Council of State rejects several appeals and maintains the control of rents in Paris
  15. A town in Sarthe wants to provide free solar electricity to residents
  16. Intermunicipalities of France opposes a new effort of budgetary savings demanded from the communities
  17. The attraction of Ile-de-France weighed on per capita growth in neighboring regions
  18. Amorce rewards committed communities
  19. La Courneuve wants to get a makeover
  20. In Paris, environmentalists call on Hidalgo to "preserve all the trees"