State and Communities

  1. Suburban elected officials want the creation of a public spending observatory
  2. Small towns in France facing the challenge of energy renovation of their buildings
  3. Creation of a “decent housing bonus” against substandard housing
  4. The Court of Auditors criticizes the State's real estate policy
  5. With its first “urban forest”, Hidalgo wants to anchor its promise to green Paris
  6. The tenors of the majority demand a “rapid recovery” of public accounts
  7. Some 300.000 social housing units are thermal sieves
  8. In Paris, a fifth of housing is not or little used, according to a study
  9. HLM quotas: 64% of municipalities have not achieved their 2020-2022 objectives
  10. Ile-de-France will create around fifty express coach lines for the greater suburbs
  11. 14% of Ile-de-France households on the waiting list to obtain social housing
  12. Launch of the State's "help" to equip itself with a room-by-room heating management solution
  13. The government wants a major acceleration of the Marseille plan
  14. Living at the campsite all year round, between tight budgets and the quest for sociability
  15. Paris wants to accelerate the hunt for illegal Airbnbs before the 2024 Olympics
  16. The Paris ring road limited to 50 km/h and with a “carpool” lane after the Olympics
  17. Paris presents its plan to achieve “carbon neutrality” in 2050
  18. Tenant ministries, simplification: Cazenave outlines new savings avenues
  19. Paris announces the postponement of its limited circulation zone after the 2024 Olympics
  20. Rent control authorized in Grenoble