State and Communities

  1. The urban plan for a "greener and more united" Paris adopted
  2. In Paris, the tree at the center of all attention
  3. CNR Housing: a whole sector despised
  4. Olivier Klein, minister in battle to make housing exist
  5. The government details its plan for housing and disappoints professionals in the sector
  6. The town hall of Paris will "amend" its "reserved lane" project on the ring road
  7. Housing for all, is it still tomorrow?
  8. In Paris, the suburban heritage is waiting to be better protected
  9. The town hall of Paris promises 300 hectares of additional green spaces
  10. Housing crisis: what is the government playing at?
  11. In Paris, at the foot of Notre-Dame, the gardens of discord
  12. In the Oise, the schools of Clermont are getting a facelift to waste less
  13. Thirty mayors are calling for an "emergency plan for the suburbs"
  14. The employers' union U2P received in turn by Elisabeth Borne
  15. Lyon will launch ecological and social parking rates
  16. Regulation of rents in Paris: the town hall calls real estate agencies to order
  17. The government launches a mission against unfit housing
  18. The Minister of Housing launches a "homelessness observatory"
  19. The president of Action Logement warns the State of a "social bomb" if nothing is done to revive construction
  20. Savings in the 2024 budget: the Ministries of Labor and Housing will be the most impacted