Fairs and Events

  1. Renodays, the new event to accelerate the overall and efficient renovation of housing
  2. At the real estate fair, all-technology is no longer unanimous
  3. In Cannes, inflation hangs over the real estate fair
  4. The Gedimat/Gedibois/Gedimat ConceptStore show emphasizes its brands and self-service
  5. The father of the Eiffel Tower celebrated for the centenary of his death
  6. Broken porcelain and Lego bricks for an Ai Weiwei exhibition in London in April
  7. New day of mobilization against the pension reform on January 31
  8. The winners of the 2022 SIMI Grand Prizes
  9. The dates of the RenoDays brought forward to September 12 and 13, 2023
  10. Mayors and local authorities fair: accelerating the ecological transition by, for and with the territories
  11. Day against energy poverty: Hellio mobilized in the fight alongside STOP Energy Exclusion
  12. Artibat 2023: a very promising vintage and closer to the professionals
  13. Industry week: factories to decarbonize the planet?
  14. Unafo organizes the "Week of supported housing" from November 22 to 25
  15. The LIP group organizes its first digital recruitment fair
  16. "12 billion for thermal renovation": environmental activists put pressure on the Assembly
  17. Woodrise, the international congress of medium and high-rise wooden buildings returns to France
  18. The 7th edition of the National Architecture Days explores the theme: "Architectures to live in" from October 14 to 16, 2022
  19. RenoDays: the new housing energy renovation fair
  20. Mondial du Bâtiment 2022: a successful new formula