1. Materials trading and digital transformation: the birth of new challenges
  2. Changing models: smart buildings and smart finance
  3. To renovate France, biosourced does not necessarily mean decarbonized!
  4. How to take advantage of Industry 4.0?
  5. Democratize Technical Building Management to meet energy challenges
  6. Smart locks: playground for cybercriminals
  7. There are still CEE opportunities for manufacturers to seize
  8. Real estate for professional use must adapt to the energy transition
  9. European real estate: what strategies for investors?
  10. 5 key points for the building sector in 2022
  11. End of the doubling of the valuation of CEEs for households in very precarious situations
  12. Smart homes: an asset for the independence of the elderly
  13. Sales and affluence: does a building refurbished following COVID-19 present a fire safety risk?
  14. REP Building: a sector awaiting
  15. Safer Internet Day: what about the Internet of Things?
  16. The Tertiary Eco-Energy decree (DEET): beyond a new challenge to be taken up, an opportunity to be seized
  17. CSR at the heart of companies: between declarations of intention and real commitment
  18. 2021, “Open House” year for remote access control
  19. Timber market: evolution and challenges for the future by Olivier Loheac Kebony sales manager
  20. Indoor air quality in buildings