1. To renovate France, biosourced does not necessarily mean decarbonized!
  2. How to take advantage of Industry 4.0?
  3. Democratize Technical Building Management to meet energy challenges
  4. Smart locks: playground for cybercriminals
  5. There are still CEE opportunities for manufacturers to seize
  6. Real estate for professional use must adapt to the energy transition
  7. European real estate: what strategies for investors?
  8. 5 key points for the building sector in 2022
  9. End of the doubling of the valuation of CEEs for households in very precarious situations
  10. Smart homes: an asset for the independence of the elderly
  11. Sales and affluence: does a building refurbished following COVID-19 present a fire safety risk?
  12. REP Building: a sector awaiting
  13. Safer Internet Day: what about the Internet of Things?
  14. The Tertiary Eco-Energy decree (DEET): beyond a new challenge to be taken up, an opportunity to be seized
  15. CSR at the heart of companies: between declarations of intention and real commitment
  16. 2021, “Open House” year for remote access control
  17. Timber market: evolution and challenges for the future by Olivier Loheac Kebony sales manager
  18. Indoor air quality in buildings
  19. DPE suspension: point of view of Thierry Marchand, president of the CDI-FNAIM
  20. DPE suspension: point of view of Denis Mora, president of the AC Environnement group