1. Reinventing housing in France: the challenges of global expansion in a changing market
  2. Guillaume Kasbarian, Minister for Housing: a pragmatic profile that will effectively respond to the challenges of citizens and professionals
  3. What if our industries became the locomotive of clean energy
  4. Five predictions for buildings in 2024
  5. The ENR law offers the opportunity to increase our energy resilience
  6. Is eco-responsible construction insurable?
  7. The energy transition on the shoulders of diagnosis
  8. Securing data centers against fire: a strategic imperative
  9. Why you should not touch non-professional furnished rentals (LMNP)
  10. The construction industry's productivity problem goes far beyond labor
  11. Comprehensive renovations at all costs: this is the future, but we are not ready!
  12. Combustion as an opportunity for the decarbonization of industry
  13. Blacklisting and discrimination in real estate: very real practices in certain agencies
  14. Sustainable home: water, a forgotten lever for domestic energy conservation?
  15. Housing renovation: the urgency of changing gear!
  16. The challenge of low-carbon real estate in an era of energy sobriety
  17. Real estate / DPE: How to make this diagnosis reliable and avoid deviations?
  18. Rental real estate still popular with the French
  19. Housing policy must become a national cause
  20. Construction: how does freelancing help meet the challenges of the sector in 2024?