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  1. Dual joint
    Sealing solutions for carpenters, metalworkers and mirrors
    Joint Dual, the specialist in air, water, sound and fire tightness, designs, manufactures and distributes solutions for joiners, metalworkers and mirrors. Founded in 1965, the JOINT DUAL company developed the first interchangeable wood joinery joint for stainless steel support. Over the years, it has extended its expertise to wood joinery and other materials (PVC, aluminum and steel). Technical innovation, the essential driving force behind Joint Dual, has enabled the company to adapt to changes in the market and to constantly develop new products in accordance with standards and performance requirements. Joint Dual now stands out as a major player in the field of waterproofing in France. Performance & Commitment A united human capital, with an organization increasingly focused on the customer. We have always adapted our products and our services to the needs of our customers. Commercial and technical support, quality, production, stock and shipping, all our teams work in synergy to bring you satisfaction. To implement your projects, Joint Dual supports you with a team dedicated to each region. Our products Joint Dual offers a complete catalog: - For carpenters and wood manufacturers Sash / frame seal, glazing seal, aluminum thresholds, glazing tape, accessories ... Strong of its experience in waterproofing solutions. Joint Dual has designed a whole range of aluminum profiles for mixed wood and aluminum joinery - For joiners, metalworkers, mirror manufacturers Finger-trap, guardrail gaskets, sealing gaskets, brush baseboards, rubber band, stops, threshold bars ...