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  1. HIMACS extension
    Acrylic resin
    HIMACS is a “solid surface” material; a mixture of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments, which can adopt an unlimited number of forms. The smooth and non-porous surface of this latest generation acrylic stone allows aesthetic achievements that meet the highest manufacturing, functionality and hygiene requirements, superior in many respects to conventional materials. Unrivaled properties: versatility, durability, aesthetics and hygieneVersatile, HIMACS single-handedly combines the characteristics of different materials: almost as solid as natural stone, it can be worked like wood and has excellent thermoforming properties in three dimensions. It is its advanced manufacturing process, the heat treatment, by the temperatures reached, which gives it this density, this homogeneity and this robustness like no other. More resistant to heat than any other traditional material, it is thermoformable, therefore modular, and comes in a multitude of shapes, giving free rein to creativity. With no visible joints, it allows finishes with unequaled aesthetic qualities and offers impeccable hygiene. Non-porous and therefore waterproof, it does not absorb moisture, is highly stain resistant and easy to clean, maintain and repair. This new generation acrylic stone is available in an almost unlimited range of colors offering, in certain shades, a particular translucency when exposed to light. Partner of architects and designersThe many intrinsic qualities of this "solid surface" make it the essential material for interior and exterior architectural applications such as wall coverings, floors, stairs, kitchen counters, bathrooms , furniture, decorative objects or facades. HIMACS is involved in all projects, both in the private and public domain: homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, nurseries, shopping centers, shops, yachting... Its unlimited creative possibilities inspire architects and designers around the world: Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Rafael Moneo, Karim Rashid, David Chipperfield, or even more recently Marcel Wanders have joined the HIMACS universe and given life to fabulous projects.Guaranteeing the strictest standardsThe qualities of HIMACS in terms of ecological commitment, hygiene and fire resistance are attested by numerous internationally recognized certificates. HIMACS was the first "solid surface" on the market to benefit from the official European Technical Approval (ETA) certification for facades, for the color Alpine White S728. HIMACS offers the longest guarantee on the "solid surface" market, with 15 years for products manufactured and installed by a member of the HIMACS Quality Club.