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  1. Multimedia SOLUTIONS
    Publisher of Electronic Document Management (EDM) software - Dematerialization and archiving of documents
    Multimedia SOLUTIONS supports construction and construction companies on all dematerialization and electronic document management projects. Discover how our solutions can help you go from paper to digital document to improve the agility, compliance and traceability of your The construction and construction companies work with many people, which generates many interactions. A large number of documents are exchanged, shared, validated. They must be able to be easily found, traced, managed in a permanent concern of confidentiality. Our Windex GED software has thus been integrated into the ONAYA ERP edited by Aquitaine Informatique. This partnership ensures all companies that have chosen ONAYA software to be able to easily manage documents related to construction sites. Windex GED Electronic Document Management software allows you to Centralize all files on a single server, Share documents between all employees and external contributors, Provide access to information and manage it remotely, Qualify and enrich documents (entry of notes and external properties), Sign documents, Manage incoming and outgoing invoices, Secure access to information (management of user rights), Validate documents via Workflow No software installation is required on user workstations. You access the Windex GED interface with a simple Internet browser. Windex GED software is available regardless of your ERP or business software. So don't wait any longer and contact us for a presentation!
  2. Misapor
    Cellular glass granulate
    MISAPOR cellular glass aggregates are made from recycled glass bottles. These represent 98% of the final material, the rest being made up of mineral activators. Very ecological, MISAPOR has many other qualities that make it a preferred material for multiple uses. MISAPOR is first of all very insulating, thanks to the air trapped between its pores. It is therefore perfect for obtaining complete insulation under a raft foundation or under paving without thermal bridges. MISAPOR adapts to the new strictest standards, such as RT 2020 for buildings that consume less than 15KW / m2 or passive buildings and even to E + C-labels. MISAPOR is also very light, which makes its handling very easy. . It is frost resistant, allows effective drainage of surfaces and protects against humidity. Finally, MISAPOR is certified by an ATE (European Technical Approval) and has a DTA (Technical Application Document) to be certified in France. All these qualities give MISAPOR an optimal use in the construction of new buildings or the renovation of old buildings.Thanks to these exceptional technical characteristics and its very low density of 160kg / m3, MISAPOR has also been established for decades as a lightened backfill on structure or in road construction. MISAPOR stabilizes weak soil, acts as a large drainage capacity and even relieves roofs, underground parking slabs and engineering structures. MISAPOR is also a super lightweight backfill for many other infrastructure applications, and it is not these references across Europe that will say the opposite.
    Roofing, cladding and drainage of rainwater
    The world's leading manufacturer of zinc-titanium for construction, the company RHEINZINK operates with 700 employees in nearly 40 countries. Since its creation in 1966 in Datteln (Ruhr / Germany) RHEINZINK promotes dialogue with its customers in order to be a benchmark world of zinc-titanium systems for: Roofing: Zinc roofing systems designed for generations: maintenance-free, long-lasting and durable. The cladding: The facade is the face of the house. With RHEINZINK, it becomes the calling card of architecture Rainwater drainage: (gutters, downpipes ...) RHEINZINK offers a multitude of shapes and possibilities of personalized implementation RHEINZINK offers zinc High quality available in various surface appearances in five product lines, for applications in architecture all over the world.RHEINZINK-CLASSIC: the shiny material which, over time, forms a gray-blue patina typical of zinc RHEINZINK- prePATINA: the only truly pre-weathered zinc surfaces in the world RHEINZINK-GRANUM: zinc with a uniform pre-aged appearance right out of the factory RHEINZINK-PRISMO: semi-transparent colors inspired by nature that let the zinc grain shine through RHEINZINK -artCOLOR: zinc available in an almost unlimited range of colors The different systems in various shapes and sizes combined with RHEINZINK services such as co-creation, personalization product or tailor-made workmanship make possible a high level of adaptability and customization for architectural projects of all sizes.