1. Interview with Jean-Christophe Repon, president of CAPEB, after his February 15 meeting with the government
  2. Meeting with Maxime Boileau, Marketing Communication Director for the Windows Solutions division of Rehau
  3. Meeting with Olivier Maschino, President of Clareo Lighting
  4. Meeting with Jean-Marie Trouillet, co-manager of the company Le Logiciel GIT (Management – ​​Engineering – Works)
  5. Meeting with William Coignard, President of Humidistop
  6. Meeting with Hassad Mouheb, CEO of Wedge International School
  7. Interview with Catherine Rousselot, Marketing, Conferences and Content Director for Renodays
  8. Elcia and Eldo partnership: joint interview with Edouard Catrice CEO of Elcia and Jean-Bernard Melet, President of Eldo
  9. Meeting with Olivier Verger, Managing Director of ZW France
  10. Meeting with Charles le Hodey, CEO of Traxxeo
  11. Interview with Denis Joandel, Director of JDM Expert
  12. Interview with Michel Gallo, manager and founder of Expertima Technologies
  13. Meeting with Norman Willemsen, CEO of Kebony
  14. Meet Sylvain Bonnot, Chairman of Myral
  15. Interview with Fatima Berral, CEO of Sogelink
  16. Discovering the Seguin Group with its Commercial Director, Cédric Laurent
  17. Meeting with Rémy Montrieux, CEO of Rairies Montrieux, at Batimat 2022
  18. Meeting with Dominique Rey, Director of Solarlux France
  19. Interview with Pierre Knoché, CEO France of Kiloutou
  20. Exclusive: Joseph Pascual, President of the Superior Council of the Order of Expert Surveyors, analyzes the leading judgment of the Court of Cassation of June 29, 2022