Economy and Business

  1. French fundraising resists, but the unbridled growth is over
  2. Demand for wood pellets explodes causing prices to soar
  3. The maximum rate for a mortgage over 20 years will exceed 3% on October 1
  4. Results at the end of August 2022 for the construction of housing and premises
  5. The forecast of 1% growth for 2023 is "credible and proactive" insists Le Maire
  6. Budget 2023: the government wants to show its "seriousness" while protecting against inflation
  7. The OECD much less optimistic than Bercy on the 2023 growth forecast in France
  8. Rising demand and falling supply put pressure on the housing rental market
  9. Rate of wear: demonstration of brokers in front of the Banque de France
  10. The building materials activity remained in decline this summer
  11. Paris-Orly traffic for the first time higher than before the crisis
  12. How are the French preparing and considering energy savings for this winter?
  13. The French government raises its growth forecast for 2022 from 2,5% to 2,7%
  14. Pressure from all sides on new property prices in France
  15. Despite a recession forecast for all of Europe, the FFB wants to be reassuring about the future of construction
  16. Growth should reach 0,3% in the third quarter, according to Banque de France forecasts
  17. Growth forecasts for the second half of the year revised downwards by INSEE
  18. The rise in prices in old real estate slows down in the 2nd quarter
  19. The Court of Auditors wants to get rid of old PELs, which are overpaid
  20. A total cut of Russian gas could cut French growth by one point, according to Le Maire