Economy and Business

  1. Figures and trends in the real estate market in the first half of 1
  2. The number of auto-entrepreneurs is still growing strongly in 2020
  3. Real estate crowdfunding returns to pre-crisis rates in the first half of 2021
  4. No collection in June for the Livret A
  5. An unprecedented gap in the real estate market continues to widen between Paris and the inner suburbs
  6. Mortgage rates at the lowest ever
  7. Second crisis meeting on construction materials: significant progress
  8. Macron's intervention of July 12: announcements and reactions
  9. Despite the health crisis, young borrowers did not hesitate to embark on real estate acquisition
  10. The building materials business has almost returned to, if not exceeded, 2019 levels
  11. The rebound of the French economy stronger than expected in the second quarter
  12. France's trade deficit continues to widen in May
  13. Post-Covid work: nomadic employees, less square meters and savings
  14. Housing construction is picking up in France thanks to houses
  15. The pandemic encourages households to leave hypercentres
  16. Real estate credit: some first-time buyers risk being completely excluded from access to loans
  17. The collection of Livret A slows down in May
  18. The French Building Federation warns of the soaring material prices that threatens the recovery of the sector
  19. Medium-sized towns close to metropolitan areas benefit from the health crisis
  20. Shortage and surge of materials: the State hears the warnings of the construction industry and announces new measures