Economy and Business

  1. 2023, a dark year for business failures in France, construction and real estate on the front line
  2. Domino effect of the real estate crisis on the consumption of housing equipment
  3. Real estate credit: The in-between... The banks are looking for each other!
  4. Abysmal fall for the real estate development market which reached a historic low point in 2023
  5. Further drop in reservations for new housing in the 4th quarter of 2023
  6. 15th Real estate land cost barometer: 2023 key tax figures in a crisis market
  7. The option of ultimately repayable real estate loans does not convince the Banque de France
  8. Faced with the catastrophic results of new housing in 2023, the sector's anger is rising another notch
  9. Sales prices of homes in mountain resorts up 2%, study finds
  10. Banks called to the rescue to wake up the real estate market
  11. The Banque de France anticipates a smooth restart of the French economy
  12. Spring ahead of time for loan rates?
  13. The real estate crisis is causing an unprecedented decline in crowdfunding
  14. Real estate credit: significant rate cuts in February, a window of opportunity is confirmed for buyers
  15. VSE managers approach 2024 between growing concerns for their activity and renewed confidence in the government
  16. Faced with climate change, the economic model of French skiing is "running out of steam" according to the Court of Auditors
  17. Southern European airports emerged stronger from the health crisis
  18. Short contracts: the bonus-malus seems effective, according to an initial analysis
  19. Year 2023 less good than expected and very uncertain outlook for 2024 for the import-export sector
  20. The granting of real estate loans in 2023 in France at its lowest since 2015