Economy and Business

  1. The president of Medef wants more targeted measures on purchasing power
  2. The building materials business shows the first effects of the Ukrainian conflict
  3. Residential investment: the first quarter of 2022 continues the momentum of a record year 2021
  4. How to stop the collapse of energy renovation works?
  5. A return to almost normal for the mountains during the winter holidays
  6. 2021 review of the entire residential real estate market
  7. The increase in rent for traders limited to cope with inflation
  8. Concern is mounting for building craftsmen strongly impacted by the geopolitical and economic context
  9. War in Ukraine: Many (big) losers, few (real) winners
  10. For the boss of Medef, inflation will last
  11. Sluggish growth and soaring prices: soon stagflation in the euro zone?
  12. New tensions in the expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation market
  13. Annual study on real estate investments: "40 years of comparative performance - 1981-2021"
  14. The Livret A account earned 3 billion euros net in March
  15. Revaluation of 2,65% of the minimum wage from May 1, 2022
  16. Materials activity resists in January-February
  17. The CGT calls for an increase in the Livret A rate from May 1
  18. Traffic at Paris airports improves a little in March
  19. Concerns about the new housing market in Île-de-France
  20. French growth should slow down more than expected due to the war in Ukraine