Economy and Business

  1. Real estate agency bankruptcies are exploding and this could only be the beginning
  2. European commercial real estate sector faces the time bomb of stranded assets
  3. Slowdown in the fall in mortgage rates before the summer break
  4. The Banque de France is currently maintaining its 2024 growth forecast
  5. Employers worried about the RN's vagueness on the economy
  6. Real estate loans pick up again in April, according to the Banque de France
  7. No, not all independent traders are satisfied with monthly rent payments
  8. A roadmap to promote French wool as insulation in buildings
  9. Federations of traders and landlords agree on the monthly payment of commercial rents
  10. Business failures in real estate on the rise throughout France
  11. Building permits continue to decline over 12 months
  12. Real estate loan rate cuts continue in June, pending the ECB's decision
  13. Banks wary of transferring a home loan for a new purchase
  14. How much did corporate work environments cost in 2023?
  15. Further drop in property prices in existing properties in the 1st quarter according to the Notaires-Insee index
  16. The fall in mortgage rates continues in May
  17. Financializing agricultural land is “dangerous”, according to the president of a regulatory body
  18. The fall in property prices continues on the French coast
  19. The real estate crisis is taking hold in construction materials
  20. Macron promises better growth and wants to continue reforms