Economy and Business

  1. Motorway toll rates are rising more sharply than in past years
  2. +15% increase in current regulated gas and electricity prices: the French are well off in Europe
  3. Activity held up well in 2022 despite a sharp slowdown at the end of the year
  4. Panorama of abandoned ski resorts in France: profile, history, reconversion
  5. The resilience of the French economy in 2022 will be revealed on Tuesday
  6. How do rising prices and the energy crisis affect the nature of demand from French homeowners?
  7. Labor productivity down since the Covid crisis
  8. Building permits for new housing fall in the 4th quarter, 482.200 authorizations in 2022
  9. To fight against inflation, the government is launching a system for analyzing the production costs of building materials
  10. Luxury real estate, always more expensive
  11. The French real estate markets: assessment and outlook
  12. The puzzle of sharing value in business
  13. Real estate market: analysis of the year 2022 and forecasts for 2023
  14. Monthly review of the usury rate to help access to mortgage
  15. The building materials market struggles at the end of 2022
  16. Business failures explode in 2022 with more than 40.000 procedures, an increase of 49,9% over one year
  17. Home loans fall in 2022, with rising rates growing
  18. Logistics real estate had a mixed year in 2022
  19. The Livret A rate raised to 3%, a first since 2009
  20. Property owners are looking for buyers... almost desperately