High Tech and Digital

  1. Spie batignolles sets up a demonstrator of innovative digital tools for the construction site, including a first in Europe
  2. Elcia, a HappyAtWork company for the 6th time, unveils its magic formula
  3. Sogelink, chronicle of an announced growth
  4. Siemens presents Building X, an open AI-based software suite dedicated to carbon neutral buildings
  5. Techtime: the site management tool to facilitate the daily life of construction workers
  6. Procore publishes a report on its environmental, social and governance commitments to build a sustainable future
  7. PlanRadar adds QR code functionality, aiming to simplify collaboration on construction sites
  8. Elcia enters the capital of Revel'Home
  9. Revel'Home reinvents the customer relationship to reconcile manufacturers, installers and individuals
  10. ODUC+: new version for the dimensioning of stormwater storage structures
  11. A look back at Procore Technologies' annual innovation summit
  12. Elcia confirms its place among the best software publishers in France
  13. Semin offers the first online hatch configurator on the market
  14. New Obat site schedule: when simplicity rhymes with power
  15. How will technological innovation transform real estate?
  16. Interview with Fatima Berral, CEO of Sogelink
  17. IKO Insulations strengthens its services with the new digital tool Solutoit
  18. iBAT and Finalcad sign a strategic partnership to improve the monitoring of budgets and deadlines on construction sites
  19. Connected crane: Spie batignolles and the start-up CAD.42 sign a 3-year partnership contract
  20. “GoBuild! » : a web application to simplify the sketching phase of a construction project