Unusual and Miscellaneous

  1. In Cairo, floating houses threatened with extinction
  2. The old palaces of the Chettinad region in India, the last witnesses of its past splendor
  3. The Association of French Mayors (AMF) is committed to the reconstruction of Irpin in Ukraine
  4. In Marseille, New York artist Daniel Arsham pays tribute to Le Corbusier
  5. Al-Mutanabi, mythical street of booksellers in Baghdad, offers a facelift
  6. 1 building, 1 work: more than 500 works of art throughout France
  7. Compensation in Saudi Arabia for residents displaced by a controversial urban project
  8. Commissioner of Justice: birth of a new legal profession
  9. Vast real estate scam: Apollonia will be tried in Marseille
  10. In Libya, the troglodytes of Ghariane want to come out of the shadows
  11. A worker seriously injured on a construction site of the Grand Paris Express
  12. At least six dead in the collapse of a building under construction in Iran
  13. China refocuses on infrastructure
  14. Lafarge's indictment for "complicity in crimes against humanity" in Syria confirmed
  15. In Brazil, the distress of the victims after the floods
  16. The urban cable car, a very slow progression
  17. Cloudy skies for a German solar glass factory dependent on Russian gas
  18. Freezing of Russian assets: a Biarritz villa belonging to Putin's ex-son-in-law on the list
  19. Nine dead in landslide in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo
  20. A hospital executive in Marseille tried for favoritism