Unusual and Miscellaneous

  1. Fine reduced to 3 million euros on appeal for Bloomberg in the case of the false Vinci press release
  2. Critics and suspicions are piling up for Jean-Luc Boch, spokesperson for the ski industry
  3. New York's basements turned into deadly traps with Storm Ida
  4. Preliminary investigation into the Villeneuve-Loubet marina after Anticor was reported
  5. Derelict amusement park tells about Turkey's woes
  6. Floods: Germany allocates 30 billion euros for reconstruction
  7. 'Terrible Evidence': Documentary Explores Human Responsibilities Behind California Fires
  8. Goa's Portuguese architectural heritage tends to disappear after 60 years in the Indian fold
  9. Sale of Grignon to Altarea: opponents have not said their last word
  10. Libya's juicy reconstruction market stirs up greed
  11. Anger of architects in Senegal after the destruction of an emblematic market in Dakar
  12. Controversial sale by the State of the Grignon estate to the Altarea group
  13. In Hong Kong, agriculture in the clouds to reconnect with its food
  14. The Heron Tree expected in Nantes in 2027
  15. Yemenis forced to put their hands in their pockets to build a road
  16. In Hong Kong, model makers reproduce the city of yesteryear in miniature
  17. A month after building collapse in Florida, research is drawing to a close
  18. In China, workers trapped in a flooded tunnel
  19. A monument dedicated to essential workers at the tip of Manhattan
  20. The tallest sand castle in the world built in Denmark