Unusual and Miscellaneous

  1. Asbestos: 25 years later, a former SNCF manager risks trial
  2. Fumihiko Maki, architect of one of the Ground Zero towers in New York, dies at 95
  3. The Swiss validate by vote the law accelerating the development of renewable energies
  4. In Ivory Coast, a first solar power plant to accelerate the energy transition
  5. In Switzerland, the battle for renewable energies slips into the ballot boxes
  6. Former mayor of Saint-Tropez indicted for favoritism
  7. Concrete cartels: 76,6 million euros in fines for 11 companies, according to the Competition Authority
  8. Environmental mobilization against a gravel pit in Ariège, damage
  9. Collapsed balcony in Angers: the architect and the works manager appeal to the Court of Cassation
  10. Every spring, Lisbon is adorned with blue and purple as the jacaranda trees bloom
  11. Sweden presents energy support plan to Ukraine
  12. Between 500.000 and 1 million euros in damage at the Pas-de-Calais toll booth after clashes between supporters, according to Sanef
  13. The bar that collapsed in the Balearic Islands did not have a license for its roof terrace
  14. Turkmenistan unveils one of the tallest statues in the world
  15. In Brazil “rebuilding lives” and a city, a titanic challenge for the mayor of Porto Alegre
  16. Giant picnic on the Champs-Elysées who want to “re-enchant” themselves
  17. Four dead in the collapse of a bar-restaurant full of tourists in the Balearic Islands
  18. In Senegal, the government suspends construction on the coast of Dakar for two months
  19. Italy tightens green bonus regime to reduce deficits
  20. In Paris, pro-grids at Square du Bataclan prevent their dismantling