Unusual and Miscellaneous

  1. In the United States, underprivileged tenants target deadly fires
  2. Castex inaugurates two new metro stations in tribute to women
  3. Famous Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill dies
  4. The World Bank sanctions ADP and Bouygues for irregularities in the markets
  5. The fatal fire in Marseille with no proven link with the condition of the building, according to the prosecution
  6. UK developers ordered to replace dangerous coatings after Grenfell fire
  7. 14 dead on construction site after landslide in China
  8. Hundreds of homes destroyed by fires in Colorado
  9. Near Madrid, the "cathedral" in recycled materials, built by a former monk
  10. A Pakistani network which would have laundered several million euros resulting from the work hidden in the construction industry, dismantled
  11. SNCF wants to develop shops in its stations by focusing on diversity and quality
  12. Three workers killed in crane fall in Italy
  13. Death of the British architect Richard Rogers, co-creator of the Pompidou center in Paris
  14. Death of the architect Gérard Grandval, creator of the "Choux" of Créteil
  15. Collapse of a building in Sanary-sur-mer after an explosion which could be due to a gas leak
  16. Covid19: new restrictions soon?
  17. Explosion rue de Trévise: the persistent mistrust of the victims
  18. Earthquake near the Groningen gas field in the Netherlands, the most intense since 2019
  19. At least seven dead, dozens of workers stranded after building collapse in Nigeria
  20. In Morocco, street art is redesigning urban space