Unusual and Miscellaneous

  1. French businessman acquitted in Hong Kong after years in prison
  2. A giant fresco by the Spanish duo PichiAvo inaugurated in the Latin Quarter
  3. Covid-19: Elisabeth Borne released from hospital
  4. Stéphane Thebaut who presented "La maison France 5" moves to C8
  5. Elisabeth Borne, positive for Covid, hospitalized, her state of health "improving"
  6. Japan's anti-tsunami walls, a massive legacy of the 2011 disaster
  7. Worker found dead under "several tons" of gravel in a concrete batching plant
  8. In Germany, the "Lego-style" rescue of a century-old church
  9. Death of Henri Gaudin, architect of the Charléty stadium
  10. US consulate sells Hong Kong housing estate after Beijing green light
  11. In the midst of a pandemic, micro-houses are breaking down the shack in Turkey
  12. Old Trump casino imploded in Atlantic City
  13. After the Grenfell fire, massive funds released against dangerous coatings
  14. End clap for a 50-year utopia of an open college near Rennes
  15. A worker, stuck on a construction site in Marseille, rescued after 20 hours of intervention
  16. Real estate puzzle around the Olympic Village in Tokyo
  17. In Cyprus, in an earthquake zone, old buildings are making people tremble
  18. La Banque Postale "victim" of the destruction of 30.000 borrower files for real estate loans
  19. At 66, she climbs to the top of a Bouygues Bâtiment crane at a height of 58 meters
  20. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, President Tshisekedi inaugurates his first major works