Unusual and Miscellaneous

  1. Two dead in the collapse of a wall on a construction site in Charente-Maritime
  2. Three buildings evacuated in Lille overnight from Saturday to Sunday for a risk of "collapse"
  3. In India, the challenges of the coming urban population explosion
  4. Partial collapse of a building in Chaponost, but no casualties or injuries
  5. The impossible count of the dead on the construction sites of the Mondial-2022
  6. In the theater, Ralph Fiennes plays Robert Moses, the "Baron Haussmann" of New York
  7. Hungary sets up separate ministry to deal with energy crisis
  8. Collapsed buildings in Lille: the Minister of Housing announces an expert mission
  9. A subsidiary of Vinci indicted by the French justice in the context of its construction sites in Qatar
  10. In the Parisian suburbs, residents and communities are fighting against broken elevators
  11. Toll motorways without barriers arrive in France
  12. Asbestos: hearing on March 9 before a possible criminal trial in Paris
  13. Finland wants to ban Russian real estate transactions
  14. Finland to restrict real estate transactions for foreigners
  15. A homemade solar car in Venezuela, an oil country
  16. Lafarge in Syria: the former CEO defends himself and targets Holcim
  17. Four men indicted for renewable energy scam in the North
  18. Street art to the rescue of the decrepit streets of Johannesburg
  19. Russia orders repair of Crimean bridge by July 1, 2023
  20. A harsh winter, the ally hoped for by Moscow against the Europeans