Unusual and Miscellaneous

  1. South Korean building collapse kills nine
  2. Fires in Corsica, a priori criminal, bars-restaurants and a building materials store
  3. China's shaking skyscraper closed until further notice
  4. No further investigation into a lack of maintenance of the collapsed balcony in Angers
  5. Inspection in the skyscraper affected by tremors in China
  6. Mexico City Metro crash reportedly due to early wear or manufacturing defects
  7. A luxury chalet, abandoned in Courchevel, bought for 24 million euros
  8. Another buyer disputes property acquired by George Clooney
  9. Death of architect Helmut Jahn in bicycle accident
  10. Fire ravages Tower of London with same coating as Grenfell
  11. American actor George Clooney acquires property in Provence
  12. The AMF imposes 600.000 euros in penalties on Corum Asset Management for deceptive practices
  13. A breeder of salt meadows in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel refuses to destroy his sheepfold
  14. The Argentine province of Mendoza, its terroir, its Malbec and its architectural bodegas
  15. Paris-2024: suspicion of sexist and racist remarks, three employees of the Solideo suspended
  16. La Cité du Fleuve, the real estate dream of an elite taking water in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  17. French businessman acquitted in Hong Kong after years in prison
  18. A giant fresco by the Spanish duo PichiAvo inaugurated in the Latin Quarter
  19. Covid-19: Elisabeth Borne released from hospital
  20. Stéphane Thebaut who presented "La maison France 5" moves to C8