Products and Materials

  1. New VigieLink® GSM box: the DATI that shakes up your safety reflexes
  2. Clean design and new colors for Oknoplast windows
  3. The products of the PRB R&D range
  4. Feedback on the insulation on the underside of low floors under renovation
  5. 3 new gaskets in the PRB Colle & Sol range
  6. Louineau unveils its new covering and fixing systems
  7. Erlus launches its new roof tile E 58 SL-D in slate gray
  8. Mb Rock Premium by Rockwool voted “favorite” by the jury among the 2021 Artibat novelties
  9. Rustol in all its forms
  10. New Hansgrohe Pulsify shower line for maximum comfort and optimized space
  11. AEG launches its range of laser measuring instruments for professionals
  12. ArmaProtect®: the new passive fire protection system from Armacell
  13. Simple and short tutorials to install the best water drainage system
  14. Siporex Easyfix, new ready-to-use vinyl glue
  15. Rector solutions in Detached Houses for RE 2020 floors
  16. The Rockbardage range is evolving with new thermal performance and a new, more stable palletizing format
  17. Glass & Aluminum Eclisse Doors
  18. New bio-based paint made with nature
  19. Smart Guard, the preventive protection of homes against burglaries
  20. Vimar presents the new Voxie intercoms