Projects and Achievements

  1. Plurial Novilia rehabilitates 204 social collective housing units in the Verrerie district of Reims
  2. 10 million euros released for work to expand the Brest court
  3. Soprofen's XXL screen blinds are suitable for non-standard openings in a Gironde house
  4. The new OL Vallée hall will be inaugurated by the ASVEL-Bayern basketball match
  5. In the PPRI zone, the La Reynarde 2 residence in Marseille is equipped with Lorillard wood joinery
  6. Two wooden buildings will see the light of day in La Défense
  7. Twelve new artistic tandems for the Grand Paris Express stations
  8. Wicona equips The Place, new signal building in Montrouge
  9. Large manholes for large-scale works in Rosnay L’Hôpital
  10. In Nantes, the largest hospital under construction in Europe uses low-carbon concrete
  11. On the French-Italian border, tunnel delays reinforce isolation
  12. Rejuvenation of the “Holy Chapel of reinforced concrete” for its centenary
  13. Near a Native American village in Guyana, a high-voltage power station project
  14. The reconstruction of Notre-Dame is progressing as planned, the arrow visible during the Olympics
  15. Quadral Promotion rehabilitates an emblematic hotel in the heart of Reims
  16. End of construction at the "cursed" lighthouse in Tévennec
  17. In a schoolyard near Paris, an “oasis” to better cope with the heatwave
  18. Citizen participation at the heart of the design of the Étoile eco-district
  19. Philippe Jost, General Georgelin's right-hand man, succeeds him to oversee the reconstruction of Notre-Dame
  20. Extension of the Interpol headquarters: "The future in Lyon is secure" (Jürgen Stock)