Projects and Achievements

  1. Work is accelerating in Paris before the 2024 Olympics
  2. A brighter Grand Palais open to all to host the Olympic Games
  3. A greening project on the La Défense esplanade will begin in 2024
  4. The future forecourt of Notre-Dame will be designed as a clearing
  5. Spie Batignolles is involved in the energy renovation of a university gymnasium in Poitiers (86)
  6. The Quartz-Zinc zinc dress by VMZINC covers the offices of the Rémy Martin house in Merpins (16)
  7. SPIE participates in the construction of the largest solar power plant in Alsace
  8. Schindler installs the first escalators in the future Villejuif Institut Gustave-Roussy station of the Grand Paris Express
  9. The Bellevue residence, rue Etex, Paris XVIII, was inaugurated on Friday June 17
  10. KSB equips the tallest building in the Netherlands with pumps
  11. Clareo illuminates the Sorbonne with LED light arches
  12. 2022 winners of the "heritage ribbons" competition
  13. The market gardening cooperative Solarenn equips its production site with smart photovoltaic trackers
  14. In Mexico, a luxurious lakeside pavilion offers a 360° panorama
  15. The Kardham Group will design IRSN's new bioclimatic tertiary building
  16. Lidl opens the first logistics platform in Europe using green hydrogen, thanks to its partners Lhyfe and Plug Power
  17. Before the 2024 Olympics, the burial of very high voltage lines is progressing
  18. Diderot Real Estate announces the signature of the Quatuor park consisting of 4 turnkey buildings
  19. Justice rejects the appeal of opponents of a skyscraper project in Toulouse
  20. Inauguration of Viliaprint: 3D printing passes its entrance exam in the construction of social housing