Projects and Achievements

  1. New European Bauhaus: applications open for the 2022 prizes
  2. The Panhard Group and Bricqueville are jointly developing a mixed operation in the new Groues district in Nanterre
  3. LCA Construction Bois completes its 4th energy renovation project for a school
  4. Two Novabita detached houses built with Vitaliss® concrete and Vertical Bloc® shuttering block
  5. The Maisons & Cités landlord launches the Pecquenchanvre experiment
  6. Axtom Développement and the BMF group deliver a 5.340 m² adPark in Louvres (95)
  7. SimonsVoss at the service of the seniors of the Urban Senior Group
  8. La Défense rejects the Hermitage twin towers project
  9. 24 months from the delivery of the Olympic books, "we're good" assures the director of the Solideo
  10. Two Chinese companies to build 1.000 schools in Iraq
  11. When southern light influences art: first exhibition of a new Provencal museum
  12. Dekton® by Cosentino equips the floors of Grand Paris Express stations
  13. Expertima Technologies protects the installation of a house in an area with very hard water
  14. Line 15 South tunnel dug for the Grand Paris Metro
  15. Vinci is commissioning the Strasbourg West Bypass (A355)
  16. Monoprix wants to green its logistics with a new giant warehouse
  17. Beginning of sawing of eight exceptional oaks intended for Notre-Dame
  18. La Défense cyber campus launched in mid-February
  19. Triangle Tower: Launch of preparatory work before the start of construction in January
  20. A Kebony wooden pool deck