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2024 - Week 11
Employers are crushing government savings on construction
Organization News
Medef and the Federation of Real Estate Developers (FPI) criticized on Wednesday March 13 the government's elimination, in the name of budgetary rigor, of support measures for construction, a sector plunged into a deep crisis. Read more
MaPrimeRénov': the government hears the Building sector and postpones the refocusing on major renovations until 2025
Public finances
Provide more support for heavy and efficient housing renovations: the government's ambition came up against concrete difficulties raised by building professionals, pushing it to postpone until 2025 the refocusing of its flagship aid, MaPrimeRénov'. Read more
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In short
300.000 jobs at risk in construction: the failure of a policy according to the FFB
Conjuncture by FFB
In an economic context which remains unfavorable, despite a slowdown in the rate of inflation and a very slight easing on the credit market, the sector's entry into recession is confirmed, even if this observation must be qualified depending on the profession. and territories. Read more
The government announces nearly a billion euros for intermediate housing
To respond to the housing crisis, the government has decided to focus on intermediate housing, intended for the middle classes, by announcing nearly a billion euros of public and private investment on Thursday March 14. Read more
The Minister of Housing announces 10 simplification measures to relaunch construction without convincing the sector
The Minister for Housing, Guillaume Kasbarian, announced on Tuesday March 12 in Cannes ten measures to simplify town planning procedures, to shorten deadlines and reduce costs, in a context of deep construction crisis. Read more
French housing mostly unsuitable for climate change, according to the Court of Auditors
Study / Review / Report
The housing stock in France is "overwhelmingly unsuitable" for the risks linked to climate change, such as the rapid spread of heat peaks, noted Tuesday, March 12, the Court of Auditors, which recommends making adaptation a "public priority" in developing costed scenarios. Read more
River freight declined in France in 2023, slowed down by construction and cereals
Study / Review / Report
River freight fell by 10% in France in 2023, penalized by the slowdown in the construction sector and the drop in cereal exports, according to the network manager, Voies navigables de France (VNF). Read more
Real estate loans: the governor of the Banque de France calls on the French to “test” their banker
“It is no longer a problem of supply”: the governor of the Bank of France assured Wednesday March 13 that French banks were again willing to grant real estate loans, even calling on the French to “test” their banker . Read more
Real estate is slowly adopting artificial intelligence
Real estate is starting to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its operations, to save time and money, but its generalization on all floors is not for tomorrow in this famously conservative sector. Read more
Green Fund: cold shower for financing the ecological transition
Sustainable development by FNTP
The announcement of €10 billion in budgetary savings to deal with lower-than-expected growth should melt the Green Fund. This fund today constitutes the main lever for financing projects in favor of the ecological transition by local authorities. Read more
70 countries commit to reviewing ways of building on the planet
Favor renovations over new constructions, reuse materials: at least 70 countries committed on Friday March 8 in Paris to review and adapt their ways of constructing buildings in order to curb global warming, while protecting buildings from heat waves and weather hazards. . Read more
Energy renovation: What solution when you don't have €1 in your pocket?
Company News
Vasco, a Bordeaux start-up, offers an unusual solution to pay for energy renovations: it finances the work in exchange for a percentage of the accommodation. Read more
SNCF awards 1,8 billion euros in contracts for the renewal of the rail network
SNCF Réseau awarded contracts worth 11 billion euros to construction giants on Monday March 1,8 to replace hundreds of kilometers of tracks and ballast as part of a "massive" work campaign spanning over seven years. Read more
City policy: Agresti-Roubache wants to bring private investment back into neighborhoods
The Secretary of State for the City, Sabrina Agresti-Roubache, wants the new contracts governing city policy to be more open to private investment, and wants to review the system of “urban free zones”. Read more
An old building in the center of Toulouse collapses, no victims recorded
A three-story building, evacuated on Tuesday March 5 after the first signs of danger, collapsed during the night from Friday to Saturday March 9 in the center of Toulouse, without causing any casualties, according to initial findings from firefighters. who inspected the rubble at length. Read more
At its world fair, the real estate sector hopes to get out of the hole
The International Market for Real Estate Professionals (Mipim), the sector's main exhibition, opens Tuesday March 12 in Cannes in the midst of a shutdown of activity, with discreet hopes of seeing the machine restart. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Rockwool guide to successful energy renovation of school buildings
Guide / Advice / Tutorial by Rockwool
In a context of sharp increases in energy prices, educational establishments, which represent 50% of public buildings, have an estimated 10% of aging and energy-intensive structures that have become sources of discomfort for occupants in the face of climate change. Read more
Trimble Webinar March 19 "General Contractors, how to better monitor the work entrusted to your subcontractors?"
Webinar by Trimble
Are you a general contractor and are you looking to optimize the management of your construction sites and improve your collaboration with your subcontractors? Discover in this webinar how adopting a digital tool such as Viewpoint Field View can transform the way you work, minimize errors and ensure your projects are completed on time. Read more
HOPPE is exhibiting its new smart home and door accessories at the Fensterbau Frontale 2024 trade fair in Nuremberg
News Manufacturer by France
HOPPE is presenting its latest developments and innovative solutions in the areas of Smart Home, design and assembly techniques at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE trade fair in Nuremberg (19-22/03/2024). Read more
New organization for Edilians Group to maintain its growth strategy and low carbon roadmap
News Manufacturer by Edilians
The international development of EDILIANS GROUP, particularly in the Iberian Peninsula, has led the company to rethink its governance in order to remain close to operations. This new organization aims to support the group's growth strategy and maintain quality service for its customers, taking into account the specificities of each market, while accelerating the deployment of its CSR approach. Read more
Three new points of sale expand the Gedicoop Group
Distributor News
Gedicoop confirms its dynamism at the start of the year. The Group is consolidating the territorial coverage of its Gedimat and Gedibois networks with the arrival of 3 new points of sale. Read more
Interview with Rose-Marie, management assistant at Sebico
Video by Sebico
Rose-Marie, management assistant at Sebico since 2019, details her missions within this manufacturer of non-collective sanitation and rainwater management solutions. Read more
30 seconds to understand… The thermodynamic water heater
Video by Atlantic
Mehdi Mzoughi, Thermodynamic Water Heater Product Manager at Atlantic answers the questions you have about thermodynamic water heaters! Read more
Energy management for tertiary buildings
Video by Somfy
Dynamic shading technology, for commercial buildings and the people who occupy them. Somfy offers an intelligent control system to automate and connect solar protection devices. Read more
The valorization of plastic material: innovating for tomorrow
Video by ADEME
Presentation of the Ile-de-France dynamic on the subject of the valorization of plastics through three projects: Valeo, SAS Minimum and Schuetz. These three projects for the regeneration or incorporation of recycled plastic were supported by ADEME Ile-de-France and/or the Ile-de-France Region. Read more
The energy transition is child's play
Video by hello
Who said that the energy transition was only a matter for adults? On the occasion of the start of the school year, Pierre Maillard, CEO of Hellio, explained this complex subject to the children of employees. Read more
Welcome ARTEVO - 360 degree performance
Video by REHAU Window
The revolutionary new premium system that sets new standards in design, size, productivity and durability. Read more
Orange's new regional headquarters in Nancy | Implementation of different facade complexes
Video by Soprema Companies
Implementation of different facade complexes on concrete and metal structures ST 450 JDB slats, awning cassettes, perforated cassettes, plant trellis and expanded metal. Read more
How much will you earn at the end of the year if your SASU charges €8.000 per month?
Video by legal start
The time for the close of your financial year is approaching and you are wondering how much you will have left at the end of the financial year if your SASU charges 8.000 euros per month? From turnover, through the various expenses of your company, to your salary, your social charges and your corporate tax, we explain everything to you in video! Read more
Products and Materials
Cero IV minimalist sliding door by Solarlux: light as the protagonist
Advertising-editorial by Solarlux
Unique on the market for the finesse and elegance of its aluminum structure, the CERO IV sliding window is full of advantages which allow you to create minimalist, almost invisible sliding doors in XXL dimensions. Read more
The Alkern 2024 regional catalogs reveal a host of new products for exterior design
New catalog by Alkern
Alkern has established itself among both landscaping professionals and individuals as an essential leader in exterior design. With a rich offer of more than 2.500 references (slabs, paving stones, copings, borders, edgings, pillars, fountains, etc.), 100% French, Alkern is continuing its process of publishing its 2024 regional catalogs in 3, in order to promote its ranges regional, while being as close as possible to the desires to create sublimated environments. Read more
Bjelin launches its flooring range in the Benelux via YEPP
Range evolution by Bjelin
Bjelin is launching its popular Woodura Planks 3.0 range in the Benelux through Your Ecological Parquetry Partner (YEPP). Developed and manufactured in Europe, this densified wood flooring is exceptionally durable thanks to revolutionary technologies. Read more
Labaronne-Citaf continues to innovate with the world's first self-supporting flexible tank of 2.500 m3 and the creation of an IOT connected sensor
New product by Citaf Labaronne
France is more than ever a land of innovations! According to INSEE, our country now has 1 million startups, including 29 unicorns valued at more than a billion euros. Beyond these Tech champions, many players in the industry also stand out by developing thanks to an avant-garde positioning. Read more
A new eco-designed PIRL range combining safety and comfort
New product by Tubesca Comabi
TUBESCA-COMABI, French leader in the manufacturing and marketing of access and work solutions at height, has reviewed its range of individual light rolling platforms (PIRL). A work of more than 18 months which gave birth to the most advanced range on the market guaranteeing safety and comfort. Read more
Projects and Achievements
A 100 billion euro plan to modernize the French electricity network
Connecting offshore wind turbines, new nuclear reactors, but also replacing 70-year-old lines... the French electricity network will have to undergo modernization work estimated at around 100 billion euros by 2040, according to a plan put forward in consultation Thursday March 14 by RTE, the high voltage network manager. Read more
La Défense presents two new generation “mixed” building projects
The Paris La Défense establishment presented two future "low carbon" real estate projects in Cannes on Tuesday March 12, claiming to give pride of place to "mixed" uses, alternatives to the office, in the largest business district in Europe . Read more
Rheinzink participates in the renovation of the Saint-Jean institution in Colmar
Construction site by RHEINZINK
RHEINZINK, the leading manufacturer of zinc for buildings, contributed to the renovation of the roof of the Saint-Jean Institution in Colmar. This project, started in July 2023 and completed three months later, constitutes a crucial step in the preservation and beautification of the architectural heritage. Read more
In Grenoble, the Perret Tower is getting a new lease of life
Construction site
The Perret Tower, a concrete masterpiece built by the architect Auguste Perret, will be "returned to the people of Grenoble" at the end of its renovation which should be completed at the end of 2025, the year of its centenary, indicated a few days ago the municipality. Read more
Europe's largest wooden campus prepares to open in France
“Here, we wanted to give the stairs the leading role”: the phrase is not trivial to present wooden buildings, not far from the forest of concrete towers of the La Défense business district, to the west of Paris, where elevators normally serve as places of conviviality. Read more
Products of the week

Rainwater management solutions

Basement top beam up to 6 meters span

Simple and balanced natural slate ventilated facade

Detection radar that allows you to "see" through the ground



Cupa Pizarras


Profiling machine with aluminum coping in 1mm thickness

Invisible and acoustic swing door 30 & 34 dB

Shower tray without projection

Physical distancing aid device (Machine / Pedestrian, Machine / Machine, Companion / Companion)


Eclisse France

Villeroy & Boch

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