1. Solar panels and vines, a good marriage? Study launched in Bordeaux
  2. In the Mediterranean, the first floating wind turbine of the Provence Grand Large project installed
  3. RTE refines energy transition scenarios by 2035
  4. A solar installation comes into service in the Arctic, 1.300 km from the North Pole
  5. Decarbonization of buildings: analysis and proposals for Balance of Energy
  6. Oil permits, wind crisis: in the United Kingdom, the horizon for renewables is darkening
  7. The government announces its method for renovating schools, sparking criticism from mayors
  8. The UN calls for a “revolution” to decarbonize buildings, responsible for 37% of CO2 emissions
  9. Still too many sectors emitting high CO2 and not enough cooperation, according to a report
  10. Plastic Omnium and EDF sign a major renewable energy contract
  11. Faced with new nuclear power, the "anti" are coming out of the woodwork
  12. Tripling renewable energies in a few years, “necessary and feasible”
  13. White paint, a shield against heatwaves?
  14. Acorus reuses sanitary facilities reconditioned by the Cycle Up workshop for its renovation projects
  15. In New Caledonia, the future of nickel hangs on the energy question
  16. State of natural disaster recognized in 1.022 municipalities hit by drought in 2021 and 2022
  17. Failed London's latest call for tenders to build offshore wind farms
  18. At least £100bn needed in offshore energy for UK carbon neutrality
  19. Digitization of data and environmental impact: what do the French think?
  20. London lifts blockage on onshore wind power