1. Mega-auction in Scotland for offshore wind concessions
  2. New fine particle pollution alert in Bouches-du-Rhône and Var
  3. ENI enters the photovoltaic sector in Greece
  4. The European "green label" project for nuclear shows its limits
  5. The prefect orders the dismantling of a wind farm declared illegal in Morbihan
  6. Public consultation for the Center-Manche 2 offshore wind farm project
  7. The State asks EDF to take measures to strengthen the security of electricity supply
  8. The impact of drought on buildings sharply increasing with a cost of 14 billion euros in 30 years
  9. "Highly improbable" link between Nozay wind turbines and disturbances in farms, according to ANSES
  10. Nearly 2 in 3 French people turn down the heating to reduce their bill
  11. France very late in the development of renewable energies
  12. At least 78 dead in "historic" tornadoes in the United States
  13. Agreement between Syria and the Emirates for the construction of a photovoltaic power plant
  14. Hydrogen, a miracle solution for a carbon-free ecological transition?
  15. Crédit Agricole Assurances invests in renewable energies in Italy
  16. First contract for the direct sale of green electricity to multiple customers
  17. For carbon neutrality, the sector calls for an acceleration of offshore wind in France
  18. Climate finance has withstood the crisis, but remains uncertain for the future
  19. Building without artificialising the land, the new dilemma of commercial zones
  20. Senate calls for inclusion of nuclear energy in European green taxonomy for climate neutrality by 2050