1. 71% of French people admit to not really understanding the different heating systems
  2. Fight against land artificialization: list of national or European projects of major general interest
  3. Greening the economy and society: the ambitious trajectory of the just transition
  4. What steps for an efficient energy transformation of the building?
  5. Renewable Energy Law: mass distribution denounces “too short” deadlines
  6. A report on anticipating the effects of +4°C warming reaffirms the need for housing adaptation
  7. Christophe Clergeau calls for a vote from the European Parliament to counter the setback on the greening of the CAP
  8. Coastal erosion: Béchu presents national scenarios and national maps, as well as the consequences for coastal territories
  9. China, a dominant industry in the low-carbon energy sector
  10. China 'very concerned' about EU investigation into its wind turbine makers
  11. Adaptation to climate change: a report attempts to estimate the heavy investments required and the building is on the front line
  12. Wind turbines: EU launches anti-subsidy investigation targeting China
  13. The government wants a “battle plan” to boost Made in France solar power
  14. Bump and Banque des Territoires invest in 10.000 charging stations for electric cars
  15. Building and real estate: a sector plagued by crises but whose ecological transition is underway
  16. France launches a “battle plan” to try to catch up on solar power
  17. As the world burns more fossil fuels than ever, persistent obstacles hamper the race for renewable energy
  18. Solar: EU launches anti-subsidy investigations targeting China
  19. Repairing solar panels, the “missing link” in the sector
  20. For 79% of French people, renewable energies are essential for the energy performance of homes