1. The ban on the replacement of oil boilers arouses concern and dissatisfaction among equipped households
  2. Solar: The plan to lower electricity purchase prices worries the industry
  3. Local communities encouraged to develop charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  4. In Volvic, the scarcity of water is a source of concern
  5. Wood pellet heating, yet in line with regulations, called into question in public debates
  6. The government defends wind power and asks the prefects to identify "favorable areas"
  7. The environmentalist group of the Senate presents its "real climate law"
  8. The world's 1st perovskite photovoltaic panel factory opened in Poland
  9. Photovoltaic energy in Poland: from the sun to the land of coal
  10. The forecourt of Notre-Dame de Paris temporarily closed due to a high concentration of lead
  11. Study shows that hemp concrete reduces energy consumption in homes
  12. With green energies, mineral needs are booming
  13. Dupond-Moretti assumes the use of the verb "guarantee" for the inclusion of climate in the Constitution
  14. Call for tenders for a first floating wind farm off Belle-Île and Île de Groix
  15. Energy renovation, at the heart of French households
  16. What are the steps to follow to produce solar energy in co-ownership?
  17. Certivéa questions 14 personalities about buildings and regions facing the climate emergency
  18. ZE Energy and the Banque des Territoires are developing hybrid photovoltaic and storage solar power plants
  19. The second largest photovoltaic plant in France will be commissioned on Saturday in the Meuse
  20. Study highlights need to accelerate clean energy technology innovation