1. FNSEA and renewables union agree to push these energies in the agricultural sector
  2. EU vote to end dependency on Russian gas and plan to tackle energy poverty
  3. The Court of Auditors calls for better adaptation of nuclear power to global warming
  4. Renewable energies: world record for installations in 2022, but insufficient in the face of climate change
  5. Women MPs want to increase insurance premiums to address effects of droughts
  6. Stellantis' network of electric car charging stations expands in France
  7. Pellet stoves: Ademe unveils the results of its Actual Performance study and issues recommendations for the sector
  8. A photovoltaic panel farm located at sea, a first in France
  9. EDF's new plan to control welds at risk of cracks in its nuclear reactors
  10. France wants to make its public buildings less energy-intensive
  11. Despite the return of the rain, France is experiencing an unprecedented winter drought… and restrictions on water use, unheard of!
  12. "Zero emissions" in 2050: MEPs want to speed up energy renovations
  13. The green hydrogen project of La Mède by TotalEnergies and Engie, tripled and shifted to 2026
  14. Consultation on the energy mix: report by the guarantors of the National Commission for Public Debate
  15. Nuclear safety: the unions denounce a reform that is too sudden and harmful
  16. Energy renovation of housing: Cerema deciphers the decision-making support systems for the work to be carried out
  17. The State prosecuted for "inaction" in favor of renewable energies
  18. First work at sea for floating wind turbines in the Mediterranean
  19. After energy savings, decarbonization objective for the administration
  20. The renewables sector challenges the profit sharing set by the State