1. Publication of the "Roulépur" study on the retention and reduction of rainwater discharged
  2. Plastic pollution: a report points to the need for a breakthrough approach
  3. EDF ENR joins forces with Axtom to accelerate the development of photovoltaic solar power in buildings
  4. Photowatt, photovoltaic specialist and EDF subsidiary, raises concerns in Isère
  5. Serene, a new and reliable method for measuring the thermal performance of a building
  6. Publication of the report "For a massive, simple and inclusive energy rehabilitation of private housing"
  7. Real estate professionals work alongside Emmanuelle Wargon for the energy renovation of condominiums
  8. French research in battle for the green hydrogen race
  9. Several deputies denounce a truncated debate on the climate bill
  10. French multinationals have not improved their climate action
  11. Singapore builds solar farms on water for lack of space
  12. Soon without a nuclear net, Germany must accelerate its energy transformation
  13. The challenges of energy renovation of low-rental housing to achieve their carbon neutrality
  14. UFME is speeding up the establishment of the collection and dismantling network for end-of-life windows
  15. FEEBAT assessment and outlook: a strong commitment to training in energy renovation
  16. First meeting of the National Hydrogen Council
  17. Increase in the number of national parks and marine protected areas
  18. The High Council for the Climate publishes an opinion on the climate and resilience bill
  19. The EPR, flagship of the French nuclear industry with many setbacks
  20. European Parliament demands a carbon neutral, sustainable and non-toxic economy by 2050