1. Publication of the practical guide “Gas installations in residential buildings – 3rd edition”
  2. The Sport and Leisure qualification expert Qualisport signs a book published by Kubik
  3. Publication of the practical sustainable development guide “Thermal bridges in new works and renovation – 2nd edition”
  4. 6 strategic recommendations to ensure the sustainability of the European electricity network for electric heavy goods vehicles
  5. Energy renovation: manufacturers publish the White Paper “For a global and efficient building renovation sector”
  6. Publication of the practical sustainable development guide “Autonomous sanitation installation – 3rd edition”
  7. Publication of the design and implementation guide “Ventilation – 2nd edition”
  8. Publication of the CSTB practical guide "Low temperature (reversible) floor heating and cooling - 2nd edition"
  9. Équilibre des Energies publishes a white paper “Fit for 55… and after?” : 35 lines of action for the energy transition in Europe
  10. Publication of the CSTB Éditions practical guide “Rolling shutters – 3rd edition”
  11. Publication of the practical guide CSTB Éditions “Controlled mechanical ventilation in residential areas – 2nd edition”
  12. Prisma Media bought the Côté Maison group
  13. How digitalization supports due diligence in the service of real estate investment
  14. Publication of the practical guide CSTB Éditions "Glued installation of tiling in new works" - 5th edition
  15. The AICB publishes a white paper on the performance of biobased materials for summer comfort and opens the debate on improving RE2020 calculators
  16. How to better manage the maintenance of roads and bridges in France to preserve this common good?
  17. The new Monograph Valode & Pistre, 40 years of architectural creations
  18. The Smart Buildings Alliance unveils a new white paper on the cybersecurity of tertiary buildings
  19. GAP Référencement shares its know-how in White Papers for carpentry professionals
  20. The Order of Expert Surveyors publishes a white paper to improve the living environment of the French