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2022 - Week 13
What solutions to save the French energy renovation sector from sinking?
Organization News
The energy renovation sector is in the process of sinking. To save it from sinking its main representative, Symbiote, sends an open letter to the presidential candidates including 7 concrete proposals to save and perpetuate energy renovation. Read more
Russian-Ukrainian conflict: what impact on craft businesses?
Study / Review / Report
62%* of craft business leaders surveyed say they are directly affected by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. More than a month after the start of the war in Ukraine, craftsmen are already feeling the first economic consequences on the development of their activity. Read more
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In short
Presidential: The Institut Montaigne analyzes the candidates' proposals for housing
The second item of expenditure on the scale of all households, housing remains a major concern for the French. Nationwide, public spending on housing reached €37,6 billion in 2020, or around 1,6% of our GDP. Read more
Presidential: what place for energy efficiency in the candidates' programs
Energy renovation is undoubtedly the key measure that comes to mind for the greatest number when it comes to energy efficiency. However, this approach is simplistic insofar as energy efficiency covers sectors as diverse as building, transport, industry, agriculture and even networks. Read more
Nuclear or renewable energy: a social debate between young people and seniors
Study / Review / Report
While the question of France's energy transition has interfered in the presidential debate, with some candidates positioning themselves in favor of the development of renewable energies, others for the revival of nuclear power, more than 7 out of 10 French people believe that the the country's energy strategy is a key issue that should be put to a referendum. Read more
Faced with rising fuel prices, nearly 50% of French people are ready to switch to an electric vehicle
Study / Review / Report
In the current geopolitical and economic context, owners of thermal vehicles have been largely penalized by the increase in fuel prices and a large number of them are now considering other mobility solutions. This is the finding of the survey carried out by OpinionWay for Electra, a specialist in fast charging of electric vehicles. Read more
The chemical industry faces an unprecedented price increase and raw material supply tensions
After more than a year of inflation on the prices of supplies, the consequence of a structural and lasting imbalance between supply and demand for raw materials, the war in Ukraine is causing an acceleration and a generalization of the upward trends in the costs of industrial production and new supply difficulties in certain strategic materials. Read more
Jump in housing permits in February
Housing building permits jumped in February, according to official statistics published on Tuesday March 29, a probable collateral effect of the entry into force of environmental regulations "RE2020", according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Read more
Impacted by successive crises over the past 2 years, the building sector is asking for increased support from the sector
News Organization by FFB
Company order books, around 7,3 months at the end of March, are fueling immediate activity in the sector, still driven by the construction of single-family homes and energy renovation. However, as anticipated in the forecasts for the end of 2021, the first cracks are emerging. Read more
INSEE reduces production times for the building, public works and miscellaneous construction indexes
Organization News
INSEE is helping to adapt the production of statistical information to user needs, at a time when economic conditions are particularly difficult. Read more
Presidential: the architects want to place the public interest at the heart of the creation of the living environment of the French people
Organization News
The Order of Architects, which represents the 30.000 French architects, unveils its plea "Habitats, Cities, Territories, architecture as a solution" which carries the battles, commitments and proposals of the profession in the current electoral context. Read more
Presidential: Surveyors publish 10 proposals for territorial and environmental equity
Organization News
A few days before the first round of the presidential election, which will be followed by the legislative elections, the National Union of Surveyors-Experts publishes 10 proposals for candidates. The UNGE calls on the future executive and its parliamentary majority to rely on these proposals to promote territorial and environmental equity in France. Read more
Producers of mineral materials present their proposals to maintain a local and sustainable industry
News Organization by UNICEM
Anchored in the heart of local territories and a pioneer among the industrial sectors for the implementation of environmental progress approaches, UNICEM formulates proposals for the next term of office along three lines, which will strengthen its participation in the fight against climate change. and the economic development of the territories. Read more
The GAP Référencement carpentry network celebrates its 30th member during its convention
Company News by GAP SEO
After a year 2021 marked by strong development and the award for "best sales support tool" at the Grand Prix des Réseaux, GAP Référencement continues to progress by signing its 30th official member during the convention at the start of 2022. . Read more
The city of Rochefort in Charente-Maritime puts a price on its trees
To protect its trees from damage, the town of Rochefort is in the process of assigning them a value in euros, based on an increasingly used "tree scale", which makes it possible to assess the damage in the event of degradation. Read more
BIM: creation of the Concrete Industry Data Dictionary
Digital Tools by Cerib
The development of digital processes in construction requires the creation of common languages ​​for the exchange of information between project stakeholders. Supported by data dictionaries, these languages ​​allow the use of consistent definitions to describe structures, systems and components in digital models. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
EcoVadis awards a gold medal to Rockwool's CSR policy
News Manufacturer by Rockwool
For the 6th consecutive year, the EcoVadis France assessor awarded a gold medal to ROCKWOOL France for its social and environmental responsibility policy. Read more
Edilteco Group partner and exclusive distributor of Carbon Cure for France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland
News Manufacturer by Edilteco France
Edilteco Group has entered into an exclusive distributor partnership with carbon removal technology company “CarbonCure Technologies”. This partnership will enable Edilteco Group to offer its customers innovative and proven solutions for reducing their carbon footprint in construction. Read more
LCA Construction Bois in full swing
News Manufacturer
Specialist in structural wood work on large-scale and local projects, Les Charpentiers de l'Atlantique, which bears the LCA Construction Bois brand, recorded remarkable growth at the end of the 2021 financial year with +50% in turnover. . Read more
The equipment rental company Kiloutou makes its "biggest acquisition" with the acquisition of the Danish GSV
Rental News by KILOUTOU
The equipment rental company Kiloutou has announced the takeover of GSV, market leader in Denmark, its "biggest acquisition" and a new stage in its international development. Read more
Procore announces its arrival in France to support the digital transformation of the construction sector
Developer News by Procore
Procore Technologies, Inc, a global construction management platform provider, today announces its international expansion into France. With 20 years of experience in the US, Canada, APAC, UK and MENA, Procore is an all-in-one digital solution offering a unified experience. Read more
Carbon neutrality according to EDF
Video by EDF
The fight against global warming is a collective fight that must be led by everyone. This is why EDF, a player committed to the energy transition, works alongside VSEs, SMEs and tertiary companies to reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint and help them contribute to the preservation of our environment. Read more
Inauguration of the Grands Moulins de Paris in Marquette
The official inauguration of the emblematic site of the Grands Moulins de Paris in Marquette-lez-Lille took place on March 24, 2022. It took almost two years of work and up to 120 workers to create 246 housing units in this former flour mill registered with the inventory of Historic Monuments. Read more
Install acoustic wall stretch fabric with Tempo by Digitex
Video by digitex
With TEMPO MURAL, easily renovate a room while improving its acoustic comfort. Discover in this video how to install the TEMPO acoustic wall tense fabric in 4 simple steps. Read more
The advantages of sanitary collectors made of synthetic materials
Video by Ayor
Sanitary manifolds, also called manifolds, made of synthetic Fixoconnect materials have many advantages over traditional brass solutions. Read more
EuB SuperHub in pictures
Video by CSTB
European project H2020 which is part of the "Next-generation of Energy Performance Assessment and Certification" EuB SuperHub supports the evolution of the certification process in the European Union by setting up significant tools such as a database and the “SuperHub” web platform intended for the various players. Read more
Discover material extrusion, also called FDM with 3DExperience Make and Bombyx
Video by Dassault Systèmes
Discover how the FDM 3D printing materials extrusion manufacturing process works with 3DEXPERIENCE Make, on-demand manufacturing, by Dassault Systèmes and its partner Bombyx. Read more
Transition(s)2050: ADEME's 4 prospective scenarios
Video by ADEME
Faced with the climate emergency and in order to speed up decision-making, ADEME presented an unprecedented forward-looking report last November: “Transition(s) 2050. Choose now. Acting for the climate”. Read more
Everything you always wanted to know about... Water and subway construction
On the occasion of World Water Day, the Société du Grand Paris invites you to discover the systems deployed on the construction sites of the new metro to take care of this resource. And how the works of the Grand Paris Express are designed to deal with the risk of flooding. Read more
Products and Materials
The rules of living well with wood: “Step 2: Protection”
Advertising-editorial by Durieu
Clean, prepared, ready for finishing. The importance of making the right choice... Beautifying, nourishing, preserving and making it last: all the functions of suitable protection. Explanations, demonstration, focus on the continuation of the Owatrol project in North Carolina pine. Read more
Abiotec UVpro as an alternative to all-new air
New product
As part of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the specialist in UV solutions, Abiotec, offers a revolutionary air treatment system capable of avoiding all fresh air. Read more
New T26 VMZinc expansion joint: a single accessory for gutters and gutters, durable and easy to install
New product by VMZINC
VMZINC®, specialized in French zinc for over 180 years, is updating its expansion joint offer with the new T26 solution. This accessory can be used on both gutters and gutters depending on the type of structure and their development. Read more
Aco Showerdrain S+: the ideal solution for a refined walk-in shower with ease
New product by Co
ACO is expanding its range of shower drains and betting on simplicity with the new Showerdrain S+. Intended for the residential market, collective housing, hotels and spas, ACO Showerdrain S+ is an intelligent solution that combines elegance, perfect watertightness and ease of installation. Read more
Balsan presents the Take a Walk collection of ecological textile tiles, like a walk in the forest
New range by Balsan
Inspired by the Berry countryside and its forests of changing colors, Balsan designers imagined the new collection of carpets for Take a Walk offices like a pleasant walk in the woods. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Disneyland Paris announces a multi-year transformation plan for Disney Village
As part of the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris, the global transformation of the destination continues. Alongside the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion plan, Disney Village's comprehensive, multi-year transformation will include new dining experiences, and redesigned shopping and entertainment offerings. Read more
No building permit for a controversial Catholic subdivision project in Touraine
The developer Monasphere, "which designs real estate projects (...) near Christian spiritual places", did not obtain a building permit for its first housing estate in L'Ile-Bouchard (Indre-et-Loire), said Wednesday, March 30 the town hall. Read more
GSE undertakes the construction of a 2.875m² factory for Biotech Dental
Construction site by GSE Integration
BIOTECH DENTAL, a benchmark French player in the field of health and leader in the dental implantology market, has chosen GSE, a specialist in business real estate and logistics, to build its new production unit on the ZAC de la Crau in Salon-de-Provence (13). Read more
Site reference: Le Porzo
Realization by France
Thanks to its “Preferred Solution Partner” approach, Wilo won the tender from the Brittany region – Direction des Voies Navigables, and equipped the Nantes-Brest canal with two Wilo-EMU pumps with CERAM CT coating. Winning combination of overpressure and Wilo services. Read more
The Rairies Montrieux company dresses Le Delta: new head office in Podeliha
Realization by Rairies Montrieux
Rairies Montrieux is located in Maine-et-Loire and recognized as one of the oldest terracotta production sites in France, it has been developing its know-how for 5 generations. La Briqueterie is located in the heart of the quarries. It specializes in the design of tiles, facing bricks and bricks for cladding facades. Read more
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Soil improvement by injecting expansive resin

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