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Weekly Building News
2021 - Week 02
MaPrimeRénov 'is evolving and is open to owner-occupants and condominium managers
Taxation by Ministry of Ecological Transition
Since its launch on January 1, 2020, MaPrimeRénov 'has been a real success with the French, more than 190.000 applications have been filed in 2020. MaPrimeRenov' allows homeowners to carry out energy renovation work, to improve the comfort of their home and reduce their energy bill, while taking concrete action on the climate by emitting less greenhouse gases. Read more
The government is consulting the decree to ban the installation of new oil-fired boilers
Legislation by Ministry of Ecological Transition
Barbara Pompili, Minister of Ecological Transition and Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Ecological Transition, in charge of Housing, confirmed the official consultation of the decree which will prohibit, from 1 January 2022, the installation of new oil-fired boilers in homes and buildings. Read more
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In short
The "worst thermal strainers" accommodation will no longer be available for rent from 2023
Homes whose energy consumption exceeds 450 kWh per square meter per year, i.e. those classified G, the worst category, can no longer be offered for rent from 2023, according to a decree published on Wednesday in the Official Journal. Read more
Thermal strainers: What types of housing use the most energy?
Study / Review / Report
While the State has generalized Ma Prime Rénov 'for all homeowners, thermal strainers represent more than 5 million homes in France. As the government wants to abolish them, it will no longer be possible to rent a home that consumes too much energy by 2028. Read more
Nearly 7 in 10 French people plan to invest in stone this year
Study / Review / Report
This year 2020 brought to light new challenges in terms of real estate investments. Indeed, the health crisis and the two successive confinements that we have experienced have considerably slowed the progress of the projects of the French, who had to be patient. Read more
Energy poverty hits 3,5 million households and is expected to worsen
Study / Review / Report
At least 3,5 million low-income households are having difficulty paying their energy bills in France, indicates the 2020 analysis of the National Energy Poverty Observatory (ONPE), which anticipates a worsening of the situation under the effect of the health and social crisis. Read more
Slight improvement in activity in December in France but no progress expected in January
Activity improved very slightly in December in France, with a gap reduced to -7% compared to the pre-crisis situation, after -11% in November, but this catching-up will experience a pause in January, according to data released Wednesday by the Banque de France. Read more
The condominium assistance plan has achieved its objectives and the planned operations are largely financed
Public finances
Two years after the government's launch of a condominium assistance plan, the number of operations targeted is almost reached and the program will have more funding than expected this year, announced the public agency responsible for piloting the project. 'together. Read more
It is now possible to apply for a town planning authorization online
Online tools
In partnership with the Ministry of Ecological Transition, Service-public.fr is deploying a new online approach on its portal: Assistance for Planning Authorization Requests (ADAU), an approach which now makes it possible to constitute in a dematerialized manner its planning authorization application file (building permit, planning permission, demolition permit, etc.). Read more
Renewable energies in France: between objectives and reality
Renewable energy
Electric renewable energies continued to develop in France in 2020, with photovoltaic and wind power in the lead, but at an insufficient rate to meet the country's objectives, according to an annual report. Read more
Olympique Lyonnais will become a producer of "green" electricity
Renewable energy
Olympique Lyonnais will produce part of the electricity necessary for its needs thanks to the installation of 50.000 square meters of solar panels in OL Vallée, the complex of sports facilities being born around its stadium. Read more
New update of the OPPBTP health safety recommendations guide
Prevention / Security by OPPBTP
Following the latest developments in the epidemic situation, the OPPBTP is updating the "Guide to health safety recommendations for the continuity of construction activities during the period of the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus epidemic". Read more
The EX'IM real estate diagnostic network is out of the game despite the health crisis
Company News by Ex'Im Expertises
Despite a sharp decline in activity in the entire real estate market during confinement with the end of visits and purchases of goods which, de facto, also undermined the real estate diagnostic sector, the group EX'IM, meanwhile, has done well, continuing its development with the opening of 6 new agencies: Guyane, Fontenay le Comte, Dijon, Montauban, Saint-Denis and Bourg-en-Bresse. Read more
Scalian develops Simul'Aides for Ademe, an aid simulator for renovation works
Developer News
With more than 400.000 simulations carried out in a few weeks, the SIMUL'AIDES application has become the essential tool for households in search of energy performance and symbolizes SCALIAN's expertise on large-scale digital projects. Read more
SPIE France puts innovation in the spotlight
Contest / Prize / Trophy by SPIE
SPIE France, French subsidiary of the SPIE group, an independent European player in multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communications, organized the first edition of its Innovation & Best Practices Challenge. An appointment that was held despite the Covid-19 context to celebrate the inventiveness and agility of employees. Read more
Équipbaie-Métalexpo, a 2021 edition under the best auspices
Salon by Equipbaie
The year 2021 opens on a very positive note for the ÉQUIPBAIE-MÉTALEXPO trade fair! Postponed to September 2021 due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the show is experiencing real enthusiasm from the exhibitors who are already 121 to have registered, including 15 new exhibitors. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
The Oknoplast group wins the prize for the largest Polish exporter to France
Contest / Prize / Trophy by Oknoplast
On December 11, Ambassador Tomasz Młynarski presented the 2020 Franco-Polish Business Awards as part of the competition organized by the Polish Embassy in Paris. Read more
Plastor rewards the most beautiful parquet vitrification projects in 2019
Contest / Prize / Trophy by Plastor
As every year, the presentation of the Plastor Vitrification trophies is an opportunity to distinguish projects carried out by parquet professionals, partners of the brand. Read more
Isover subsidized by Ademe as part of its commitment to decarbonization
News Manufacturer by Isover
ISOVER is investing in a committed and ambitious project responding to the challenges of industrial decarbonization in France for an amount of 3,8 million euros, of which 800.000 euros will be subsidized by ADEME, partner of the “France Relance” plan. A subsidy that enhances ISOVER's commitments and investments for its efforts to promote sustainable development and decarbonization, particularly in its French factories. Read more
The LBA Group aims to sell more than 25% of depolluting materials by 2025
News Manufacturer by The Automatic Barrier
Today it is difficult to miss the environmental issues that mark our society. The quality of the air in our cities is increasingly becoming a major concern in the minds of the French. Successive governments and municipalities are investing to provide new solutions. Read more
Eternit France becomes Etex France Exteriors
News Manufacturer by Etex France Exteriors
Eternit France changes its corporate name and becomes Etex France Exteriors in order to assert its belonging to the Etex group and to position itself as a single company throughout the world. The name of Eternit will however continue to exist, to designate the historic brand of the group. Read more
DENFC Bluebac Reno Tire Assembly Instructions
Video by Bluetek
Assembly instructions for the SHEW Bluebac Tire Reno. NB: a spotting diagnosis was carried out before work to confirm the absence of asbestos in the roof. Read more
Capturing CO² in industry: how does it work?
Video by EDF
The objective of carbon neutrality involves electrifying uses and developing the use of low-carbon electricity. However, certain processes, particularly industrial ones, will remain intrinsically CO² emitters. EDF is therefore developing CO² capture and storage processes to reduce these residual emissions. It is thus innovating in the service of decarbonization of industry. Read more
How are Linky meters tested?
Video by Enedis
Vibrations, shocks, water and dust penetration tests, temperature rise tests, short circuits ... Before the Linky meter is installed in your home, several meters from the same production batch were tested at the "Enedis Lab »And in external laboratories. Read more
Best of 2020 from Bouygues Construction
Video by Bouygues
Relive the best of 2020 in pictures with Bouygues Construction. Read more
Alkern R + Mur: the solution for optimizing the thermal performance of multi-storey buildings
Video by Alkern
Discover in video the concrete solution of common aggregates, developed by Alkern, both economical and low carbon for the comfort and thermal performance of multi-storey buildings. Read more
Pyrobel, fire-resistant glass from AGC
Video by AGC Glass Europe
Pyrobel, AGC's fire-resistant glass, makes living and working environments safer. Pyrobel glazing is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in all buildings that must meet specific fire protection standards, such as shopping centers, hospitals, airports, train stations or metro stations. Read more
Configure your connected security lighting with URA's RJ remote control and its EVA Web App
Video by Legrand
Follow this tutorial to install the reference 140 130 RJ remote control step by step for connection to an Ethernet network with URA's EVA Web App. Read more
The subways of the future lines 15, 16 and 17 of the Grand Paris express: from design to technique
Louis is a design engineer at Alstom. From the inception of the project, he worked in collaboration with the design teams to offer creative and feasible solutions while respecting industrial constraints and specifications. Find out about his job and what he brings to the subways of lines 15, 16 and 17. Read more
Products and Materials
Owatrol® solutions for wood renovation
Zoom produced by Durieu
Analyzing and making the right choice is the secret to a successful renovation. Owatrol® has been serving wood for several decades, with solutions adapted to make all woods last. Read more
PRB Badiréno restores luster to old buildings
New product by PRB
PRB continues to expand its Renovation-Restoration range by offering a powdered whitewash formula with the aim of best meeting market expectations with PRB BADIRÉNO. Read more
Rockwool presents innovations for the insulation of converted attics and timber frame walls
Range evolution by Rockwool
Building on the success of Rockplus Premium, ROCKWOOL, manufacturer of rock wool insulation solutions, revisits three of its flagship products and places the year 2021 under the sign of innovation. Read more
Bette bathtubs are now available in matte black
Range evolution by Bette
The black sanitary elements add elegance and create a monolithic atmosphere in the bathroom. Bette is now offering the very elegant matt black color in its “Silhouette” bathtub range, with firmly fitted aprons. Read more
BioZone, the most powerful solution to purify the air of SARS-CoV-2
Technical solutions by Ooria
The independent American laboratory BCS Laboratories tested the BioZone air purification devices to verify their effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. Tests have shown inactivation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus greater than 5 log, or more than 99,99%, in less than a second of exposure to the devices. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Star architect Rudy Ricciotti selected to remodel the Lyon Tissue Museum
The star architect Rudy Ricciotti, author of the Mucem de Marseille, has been selected to remodel the Lyon Tissue Museum, announced the president of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Laurent Wauquiez. Read more
Porsche calls on the technical expertise of SPIE
Project by SPIE
SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communications, has been chosen by Porsche to install the electrical infrastructure of its new Porsche Experience Center on the Hockenheimring race circuit. Read more
Saudi Arabia, world's largest oil exporter, to build car-free city
Saudi Arabia, the world's largest exporter of crude oil, announced on Sunday the launch of a green city with "zero cars, zero roads, zero CO² emissions" at NEOM, an area in the northwest of the kingdom currently in development . Read more
British firm Populous selected for the renovation of the Meinau stadium in Strasbourg
The project by the London architectural firm Populous has been selected for the renovation and extension work of the Meinau stadium, which will increase from a capacity of 26.000 to 32.000 seats by 2025, the president announced on Tuesday. by RC Strasbourg Marc Keller. Read more
Rehabilitation of social housing: The Bel Air residence comes to life with personalized coatings
Realization by I'm
Five concrete apartment buildings from the 1970s are becoming more comfortable thanks to thermal insulation from the outside. They also escape uniformity thanks to custom facades coated with prefabricated Sto-Ecoshapes plaster elements combined with StoLotusan K self-cleaning plaster. Read more
Products of the week

Exterior treated plywood (Class 4 or Class 3)

Planelle thermal end of floor R = 1,70 m².K / W

Facade paint that fights against the appearance of algae and fungi

Slope-shaped fiber-reinforced mortar

NP Rolpin




The window in the pure Haussmannian tradition

Design trend: new finishes for door handles

Traditional aesthetic wood stove, entirely in cast iron for durability and foolproof efficiency

Electronic Management Software (EDM) to optimize the sharing and management of your site documents


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