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2022 - Week 11
CAPEB asks the government to quickly complete its measures to support the building
News Organization by CAPEB
Craft building companies have been confronted since the health crisis with uninterrupted and unpredictable price increases and have been facing supply difficulties for a year and a half and which are getting worse. Read more
Towards a more responsible consumption of the French for the equipment of their housing?
Study / Review / Report
After two years marked by an unprecedented health crisis, housing remains at the center of French people's concerns in 2021, with households becoming more ecologically aware of their equipment. Read more
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In short
A survey by the DGCCRF reveals a wide variety of breaches of the CCMI by certain builders of individual houses
Study / Review / Report
There are several types of contracts that can govern the construction of an individual house: architect's contract, project management contract, works contract, etc... However, the Individual House Construction Contract (CCMI) is the one which of these contracts best protects the consumer. Read more
The government presents its resilience plan without convincing construction professionals
Study / Review / Report
While Prime Minister Jean Castex and Barbara Pompili detailed the various points of the Economic and Social Resilience Plan during a press conference, the FFB and the CNATP, two federations bringing together construction professionals and craftsmen, announced that they would not be completely satisfied with the content of the new measures. Read more
The building insulation sector calls for urgent measures to revive the sector
Study / Review / Report
Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is an essential condition for achieving the objectives of the fight against global warming. In 2022, this reality is no longer contested. Read more
Inflation and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis worry 77% of business leaders according to a survey
Study / Review / Report
According to the latest SDI survey carried out from March 10 to 12 among 1243 business leaders, a strong feeling of concern dominates among 77% of them: COVID effects on their activity, economic context of high inflation and finally, for 53% of them, the fear of an extension of the Ukrainian conflict on European territory with the involvement of France. They are 90% to note a negative impact on their activity. Read more
After the pandemic, the war in Ukraine penalizes the French economy
Barely recovered from the Covid 19 pandemic, the French economy will be penalized by the war in Ukraine which should slow growth while accelerating the rise in prices, according to the Banque de France on Sunday March 13. Read more
The government is increasing aid to replace gas or oil boilers with renewable heating solutions
Aid for individuals to replace individual fuel or gas heaters will be increased by 1.000 euros from April 15, and packages for the installation of gas boilers will be stopped, announced the Minister for Ecological Transition on Wednesday 16 March. Read more
The main European real estate players unite to launch a pan-European low-carbon label
Sustainable Development
The real estate sector, the leading emitter of CO2 with 39% of global emissions, is a key player in the fight against global warming. To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, all European countries must strive to reduce the carbon footprint of new and existing buildings. Read more
HQE Aménagement: the HQE-GBC Alliance offers 19 indicators to help create sustainable neighborhoods
Sustainable Development
To support all the operational actors involved in the creation of sustainable districts, the HQE-GBC Alliance is supplementing its HQE Development reference framework with 19 indicators for an overall and multi-criteria assessment of development operations. Read more
Associations denounce a premature decision by the Government concerning wind turbines in the Mediterranean
Renewable energy
Environmental defense associations regretted on Tuesday March 15 that the government had launched two projects to install commercial floating wind turbines in the Mediterranean, without devoting more time to preliminary studies on the risks for marine fauna. Read more
The decree setting the conditions of the Pinel+ system has been published
The decree aimed at regulating the “Pinel+” device was unveiled in the Official Journal. The purpose of this decree is to specify the level of quality of housing to be respected in metropolitan France in order to benefit from the maintenance of the tax reduction rates for 2023 and 2024. Read more
End of wearing a mask and health protocol in business: what does the law say?
The publication of Decree No. 2022-352 of March 12, 2022 endorses government announcements and provides in particular for the end of the wearing of masks as well as the abolition of the health protocol in companies. Read more
Many construction trades among the most promising by 2030 according to a report by the Ministry of Labor
By 2030, 760.000 positions will have to be filled each year, according to a government report published Thursday, March 10, which details the trades with the highest recruitment needs and warns of those who are at risk of lacking manpower. Read more
A government plan to reduce fatal work accidents
Prevention / Security
The government presented an action plan a few days ago, focusing on awareness-raising and training, to reduce the number of serious and fatal work accidents which have stagnated since 2010 and mainly affect young and temporary workers. Read more
Francis Kéré, spearhead of sustainable architecture, first African to receive the Pritzker Prize
Contest / Prize / Trophy
A pioneer of sustainable constructions at the service of populations, such as the school in his native village in Burkina Faso, the architect Francis Kéré received the Pritzker Prize on Tuesday, March 15, becoming the first African to receive the highest honor in the profession. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Discover the concept of Web TV by Würth France
News Manufacturer by Wuerth France
In a constantly evolving world where purchasing habits change very quickly, Würth adapts to new trends by surfing on Digital. Discover in detail the concept of WEB TV. Read more
Engie Green and Alkern sign a partnership to develop 30 MWp of solar projects
News Manufacturer by Alkern
ALKERN, number 1 in precast concrete products, has chosen ENGIE Green to design solar power plants in shade structures that will house the storage areas of a selection of its production sites in France. Read more
TESC Innovation makes its debut on the small screen
News Manufacturer by TESC Innovation
Quiet, it's spinning! The Alsace20 team came to visit TESC Innovation in Brumath for a report dedicated to Alsatian start-ups. An interview filmed on the occasion of the first Salon des Entreprises Innovantes in Haguenau. Read more
Lafarge accelerates its low-carbon transformation
News Manufacturer by Lafarge
Lafarge France, a key country in the Holcim Group's strategy, is accelerating its low-carbon transformation and increasing investments and innovations to decarbonize construction. Read more
World Recycling Day: Isover Recycling, the world's leading industry for recycling glass wool waste
Sorting / Recycling by Isover
On the occasion of World Recycling Day, ISOVER presents the figures for the Glass Wool waste market in France and the urgent and necessary need for its recycling. Read more
Decryption: Ademe's scenarios - Transition(s) 2050, choose now, act for the climate
Video by ADEME
Are we going instead towards the frugal generation, territorial cooperation, green technologies or even the restorative bet in 2050? Here is the program of 4 contrasting scenarios, all compatible with carbon neutrality by 2050, drawn up by ADEME to show the strong societal choices to be made now. Read more
Triotherm 360: the refreshing underfloor heating
Video by Syneris
TRIOTHERM 360 is the best floor heating and cooling solution that combines 3 processes in one: Custom floor insulation in sprayed polyurethane; a low-temperature heating and/or cooling floor and a fluid coating screed based on anhydrite with guaranteed high thermal performance. Read more
The life cycle of plasterboard: from production to recycling
Video by placo
From the supply of gypsum to the implementation in buildings, Placo ensures responsible and reasoned management with particular attention paid to the preservation of resources, environmental monitoring and the virtuous life cycle of its products. Discover in video the life cycle of our Placo plasterboards. Read more
Bosch UniversalImpact 18V-60 cordless drill/driver
Video by Bosch Australia
Maximum endurance and performance whether you are screwdriving or drilling in wood, metal, tile, plastic or masonry. The UniversalImpact 18V-60 offers a maximum torque of 60 Nm and both a 13 mm metal drill chuck and a brushless motor, which makes the device particularly durable and maintenance-free. Read more
Osseca webinar: simplifying the RE2020 assessment of individual house projects
Video by CSTB Editions
The result of collaborative work between the @CSTB, NOBATEK/INEF4 and Perrenoud Software, OSSECA is the tool that allows Builders of individual houses, Architects and Design Offices to quickly and easily assess compliance carbon energy and summer comfort commitments for individual homes. Read more
Discover 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, with 3DEXPERIENCE Make and Any-Shape
Video by Dassault Systèmes
Discover how the 3D printing / additive manufacturing manufacturing process works with 3DEXPERIENCE Make, the on-demand manufacturing platform from Dassault Systèmes, and its partner Any-Shape. Read more
Photovoltaic & ENR projects in Remoray-Bougeons (25)
Video by ADEME
A photovoltaic roof on a church located in a classified perimeter, it's possible! Accompanied by the Shared Energy Advisor from SYDED, with local know-how and in agreement with the Architect of French Buildings, the elected officials of the municipality of Remoray-Boujeons took up technical and aesthetic challenges by taking advantage of the renovation of the roof of their church to integrate a photovoltaic solar installation. Read more
A drone to gain height, a prevention course for roofers
Video by OPPBTP
This company from Gers (32) has invested in a drone and a software suite to carry out its measurements as well as the layout plans for the scaffolding necessary for the work. Since then, the company has gained in efficiency and precision in its quotes and site preparations. It has eliminated the risk of falling from height for roof surveys and improved performance on all its sites. Read more
Products and Materials
Durieu presents its Absolue fixer and roof paint
Advertising-editorial by Durieu
Keep your head on your shoulders and your roof over your head! Who says maintain a roof says protect a whole house. Who says tiles, slates says wear and therefore monitoring, care and action at the right time. The secret to perpetuating the roof? no secrets! “Just” good maintenance and effective care. Durieu offers in its Toiture Oxi range a duo to beautify, maintain and perpetuate roofs… Read more
The new Kinedo 2022 Balneo, Shower and Spa catalogs are available
New catalog by Kinedo
The French bathroom specialist Kinedo unveils its new 2022 catalogues. Whether you are looking for shower, whirlpool or spa solutions, the range of Kinedo know-how is illustrated here by an abundance of responses combining, as always, aesthetics, quality and performance. Read more
Porcelanosa Group presents its latest designs that focus above all on innovation
New range by Porcelanosa
Faced with new trends in interior design and the transformations of the sector in terms of functionality and well-being, PORCELANOSA Group has been able to combine innovation and sustainability in its new designs. Read more
New Doosan excavator: the most powerful 100 ton excavator
New product
Doosan has just launched the largest excavator in its history, the DX1000LC-7, a 100 ton Stage V crawler excavator. It combines power and unparalleled flow with comfort and flexibility. Read more
Air quality in times of Covid, a new economic vein
Technical solutions
After two years of pandemic, the new concern for air quality in offices has led to the success of companies offering devices to control the concentration of CO2 indoors. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Floating cities, a solution to rising seas?
Live on the water? Around the world, several floating city projects present themselves as solutions to the rise of the oceans caused by global warming, despite some doubts about their viability. Read more
JO-2024: drowned in legal action, the Aubervilliers swimming pool takes on water
The Paris-2024 Olympic Games are on the soap opera in Aubervilliers, where the fight of environmental activists to save allotments is undermining a promise of a swimming pool supposed to benefit Seine-Saint-Denis. Read more
GSE builds a new messaging service for TSF Distribution
Construction site by GSE Integration
GSE is starting construction work on the brand new messaging system for TSF Distribution, in the La Malterie business park located in the town of Montierchaume, on the outskirts of Châteauroux. Read more
A metal envelope of 3.000 square meters for the new metro station in Rennes
2.758 square meters of metal mesh envelop, on the roof and on the facade, the new aerial metro station Cesson-Via Silva, in the city of Rennes (France). A major project signed by the architectural firms Anthracite, Ludovic Alexandre and Antoine Massinon Architectes. Read more
The Eiffel Tower is growing: Jarnias supports SETE and TDF for the installation of the new radio antenna
On March 15, a new radio antenna was installed by helicopter, by TDF and SETE, at the top of the Eiffel Tower, which goes from 324 to 330 meters. Jarnias, a specialist in work at height, once again supported the Parisian symbol in this exceptional operation. Read more
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