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Weekly Building News
2021 - Week 27
The method of calculating the new DPE will modify the results of approximately 75% of the diagnoses
Since July 1, 2021, the energy performance diagnosis (DPE) is no longer informative but enforceable. Its content and method of calculation are also transformed. Indicating to the future buyer or tenant an estimate of the energy consumption of a home and its greenhouse gas emission rate, the DPE becomes more readable and more reliable. Read more
The government announces aid of 15 million euros to support the ecological transition of SMEs, craftsmen and self-employed
Public finances by Ministry of Ecological Transition
As part of the “France relaunch” plan, Barbara Pompili, Minister of Ecological Transition and Alain Griset, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy, Finance and Relaunch in charge of Small and Medium Enterprises, announced Monday July 5 support of 15 million euros to accelerate the ecological transition of artisans, traders and independent workers, in collaboration with ADEME, CMA France and CCI France. Read more
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In short
A study analyzes the possible reasons for the end of offers for works at 1 € in the residential sector
Study / Assessment / Report by Hellio
July 1, 2021 marked the end of subsidized financial aid for households, called “Coups de Pouce”, for the insulation of attics and low floors, the installation of gas heating and electric radiators to replace fuel oil in the building. residential sector. Read more
A study analyzes the home renovation and maintenance market valued at 62 billion euros
Study / Review / Report
The results of the CAH-QUALITEL opinion survey conducted by IPSOS among 3.000 owner-occupants, illustrating the importance of the renovation-maintenance market. Read more
More than one in two craftsmen feel illegitimate in advising their clients on aid for energy renovation
Study / Review / Report
According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the building sector represents 44% of the energy consumed in France, with an annual emission of over 123 million tonnes of CO2. In fact, this is one of the key areas in the fight against global warming and for the energy transition. Read more
Energy renovation barometer: an unprecedented pace of work
Study / Review / Report
If the difficulties of the construction sector during the pandemic could presage a halt in the renovation of housing, the year 2020 was, on the contrary, marked by a gradual acceleration of activity. Read more
The Habitat Improvement Club makes six recommendations for a successful urban renewal
Study / Review / Report
At the dawn of this new decade, the pandemic situation strongly marks the collective consciousness pointing to a certain vulnerability of our social and societal balances in these circumstances. Read more
The big shift towards green and renewable gases
Study / Review / Report
Biogas, CNG, green hydrogen… between the promise of a new El Dorado and the risk of runaway, what is the potential of green gas in France? In their latest publication "The renewable gas market" (May 2021), the Echos Etudes consultants draw up a complete and prospective panorama of renewable gases in France. Read more
The Mondial du Bâtiment meetings: an update on the decarbonisation of construction sites
Study / Assessment / Report by RX France
Organized every month under the impetus of the BATIMAT, IDÉOBAIN and INTERCLIMA fairs, "Les Rendez-vous du Mondial du Bâtiment" decipher the major trends in construction. Read more
The building materials business has almost returned to, if not exceeded, 2019 levels
Conjuncture by UNICEM
The rebound in activity observed in March-April, and which was not only linked to the favorable “base” effect of the confinement period, seems to continue in May in construction materials. Over the last three known months, productions have returned to, or even exceeded, 2019 levels. Read more
The rebound of the French economy stronger than expected in the second quarter
The Banque de France on Wednesday revised significantly upwards its growth forecast for the French economy in the second quarter, to around + 1%, against + 0,5% previously, estimating that the lifting of health restrictions had allowed a rebound of activity more important than anticipated. Read more
RTE launches the world's 1st robot-driven electricity storage network
Renewable energy
Nearly 17.000 robot-driven batteries: RTE, the electricity carrier, has launched a world first with an automated battery-powered electricity storage network, making it possible to manage peaks in renewable energy production. Read more
Trade unions and employers received at the Elysee Palace for an update on the health, economic and social situation
A long "listening meeting", but no decision at this stage, especially on the explosive subject of pensions: Emmanuel Macron received the union and employer leaders on Tuesday for an overview of the economic and social health situation, on background of concerns related to the Delta variant. Read more
The OPPBTP publishes a new guide to secure the use of nets on the underside of system S
Prevention / Security by OPPBTP
In the context of certain work at height, the S system safety nets installed on the underside of the frame protect operators from the consequences of a possible fall. However, their installation must be carried out following very precise rules to be operational. Read more
State-ONF contract: the National Federation of Forestry Communes denounces shame and treason
With 15 votes for and 15 against, the State remains deaf to the opposition vote of all stakeholders: communities, industry, unions and qualified individuals, present on the board of directors of the ONF (National Forestry Office), 2nd of July. Read more
Urssaf is developing its exceptional support measures for businesses, craftspeople and self-employed people
In order to take into account the impact of the epidemic on economic activity, the exceptional measures triggered to support the cash flow of companies are evolving. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Rockwool to build a new production site in Soissons, France
News Manufacturer by Rockwool
This new facility will create 130 jobs and use low-carbon electrical fusion technology to manufacture rock wool insulation products for the French market. Read more
Kebony announces its participation in the Forum Bois Construction
News Manufacturer by Kebony
The next edition of the International Bois Construction Forum will be held from July 15 to 17, 2021, under the wooden nave of the Grand Palais Éphémère, on the Champ-de-Mars, in Paris. The eco-friendly wood brand Kebony is on the exhibitor list. Read more
Descours & Cabaud will develop own brands and favor purchases in Europe
Distributor News
The family group Descours et Cabaud, distributor of equipment for building and industry professionals, will reduce its dependence on its Asian suppliers, while increasing the share of its sales made under own brands, announced its management. Read more
Matterport and Facebook AI Research Collaborate to Create World's Largest 3D Spatial Database
Developer News by Matterport
This collaboration will allow researchers to advance Habitat, Facebook AI's simulation platform for Embodied AI research, to help robots better understand and interact with the physical world. Read more
Bruno Léger, re-elected President of SNFA
On June 25, the SNFA General Assembly was held in the form of an interactive TV set split into two highlights. This 100% digital event brought together around a hundred participants. Read more
CSR at Cedreo
Video by Cedreo
"The performance of a company must not only be economic, it must be systemic and take into account all the stakeholders of the company and its environmental impact. The vision of the company which has for sole purpose to generate Financial wealth dates back to the Chicago school and Milton Friedman more than 40 years ago. It seems to me a little obsolete in 2021! ", Mickaël Keromnes, CEO. Read more
Recticel Insulation 2021 commercial presentation
Video by Recticel Insulation
Recticel Insulation is a reliable and experienced partner in the field of insulation. Providing high performance solutions for residential and tertiary constructions. It meets the needs for comfort and energy savings, for today and tomorrow. Read more
Risk awareness on construction sites
Video by FNTP
This video raises awareness of the risks on construction sites in 11 rules. Read more
With Mon Pilotage Elec, control your heating remotely and save energy
Video by Engi
Program your electric heaters room by room and remotely and monitor your electricity consumption… without changing your current installation! More details in video. Read more
Malaunay: How do you make sobriety everyone's business?
Video by ADEME
The City of Malaunay has initiated a territorial dynamic of sobriety: as part of its own actions (land sobriety, etc.), by engaging its agents (challenge), and residents (as part of the operation "The Transition takes its quarters "). Testimonials from Guillaume COUTEY, Mayor, and Laurent FUSSIEN, Director General of Services. Read more
LafargeHolcim France launches its new range of ECOPlanet cements
Video by LafargeHolcim
Innovative, low-carbon cements to enable the construction world to meet the requirements of RE2020. Their innovative compositions allow a reduction of 30% up to 90% of CO2 emissions compared to a standard Portland cement (CEM I). Read more
Mineralspray: aggregate fixer
Video by Qualis Technology
Demonstration of Mineralspray, the High Environmental Quality fixer for your aggregates. Stick your aggregates to reduce your maintenance time! Read more
ADÉLIS: the connected and aesthetic towel warmer
Video by Atlantic
Fall for the new version of this practical and aesthetic towel warmer. Practical with connectivity and Cozytouch, its digital box at height, its Boost mode and its integrated hook. Read more
Products and Materials
GR20B combines power and autonomy in a single power cutter
New product by ATDV
The new GR20B is designed to cut frames, threaded rods, etc. up to 20 mm in diameter, it is ergonomic, compact and very light. Read more
ArmaProtect®: the new passive fire protection system from Armacell
New product by Armacell
Armacell, inventor of flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and leading supplier of technical foams, is expanding its range of passive fire protection products. Read more
A new smart color led e-spot at Ribimex
New product by Ribimex
The range of luminaires now accommodates the Bluetooth-connected color Led spot “e-spot”. This smart spot that is activated on a smartphone is the ideal companion for parties and evenings. The lights will sync with the music on your phone, to set the mood. And for a guaranteed festive effect, the timer turns the lights on / off. Read more
Raupur Acoustic, the insulating plate combining thermal comfort and acoustic insulation
New product by REHAU
Including an acoustic underlay, this insulating plate for heating-cooling floorboards reduces noise between floors and offers users more well-being on a daily basis. Read more
New range of Ekinox shower screens for all configurations
New range by Kinedo
A benchmark French designer and manufacturer, Kinedo presents with Ekinox, an elegant range of showers with a daring and timeless design. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Start of the elevation of the walls in 3D printing on the Empreinte site
Construction site
There is excitement on the first Empreinte project in the Echats III eco-district, in Beaucouzé (49). June 21 marked the start of the 3D printing wall elevation phase for Empreinte using the technology developed by Batiprint 3D. Read more
In Paris, the Louvre post office turns into a piece of town
Construction site
Goal January 2022: the iconic post office on rue du Louvre, in the center of Paris, is preparing its reopening after more than five years of work to transform this building the size of a block, opened for the occasion to new uses. Read more
The green metropolis of Lyon is experimenting with "low-carbon" projects
Construction site
The metropolis of Lyon, led by the Greens, and several local public works players launched on Thursday the experimentation of a low-carbon project, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than a quarter. Read more
Creation of an eco-district with high energy performance housing in Lunéville
Realization by I'm
Near the center of Lunéville (54), a building of eleven new housing units located in an eco-district achieves an exceptional level of energy performance thanks to an efficient architectural design and the ITE StoTherm Vario 1. Read more
Acoustic and visual monitoring of Pont Masséna
On behalf of the City of Paris, SITES designed and deployed a monitoring device on this cable-stayed bridge to detect, locate and visualize any cable breaks. Read more
Products of the week

Draining floor covering with High Environmental Qualities

Thermal breakers

Organic finish plaster for a modern and aesthetic facade

WIRELESS High Definition Security System

Qualis Technologie®


Edilteco France


Sliding door frame without paneling

Engraved oak parquet

Design draft regulator

Electronic Management Software (EDM) to optimize the sharing and management of your site documents

Eclisse France

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