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2022 - Week 33
Decline in new home sales in the second quarter
The marketing of new homes in France fell in the second quarter compared to 2021 and remains below its pre-pandemic level, according to figures published on Wednesday by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Read more
92% of companies are considering changes in their real estate strategy
Study / Review / Report
The Covid crisis has upset a number of balances, re-examined a number of established practices, including working methods, and consequently the office. Read more
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In short
The text on the acceleration of renewable energies examined at the start of the school year
Renewable energy
The government launched Friday a "broad consultation" around the bill to accelerate renewable energies promised by President Emmanuel Macron, for a presentation of the text in the Council of Ministers at the start of the school year, then in Parliament in October. Read more
What are the regions, departments and municipalities where the greatest number of wind turbines are installed?
Renewable energy
While Emmanuel Macron once again called for energy sobriety during his speech on July 14, and the CRE has just revealed that the wind power sector has contributed to increasing State revenue by €7,7 billion under from 2022 and 2023 a new study focuses on the distribution of wind turbines on French territory. Read more
In Germany, solar panels susceptible to sunburn
Renewable energy
It's a paradox: the more the sun shines, the more the photovoltaic installation of the German entrepreneur Jens Husemann has every chance of being disconnected from the electricity grid, a waste of power yet so precious in these times of energy crisis. Read more
China to double wind, solar power capacity by 2025
Renewable energy
China aims to double its wind and solar capacity by 2025, according to a new roadmap that also allows more coal-fired power plants to be built to boost energy security. Read more
In Paris, first fines for air-conditioned businesses keeping the door open
The City of Paris has begun to impose fines on businesses that do not comply with the new obligation to keep doors and bay windows "closed" when the air conditioning cools their stores, we learned on Friday August 12 from the town hall, confirming a information from the Parisian. Read more
At 200 years old, the new youth of the Canal de l'Ourcq
A few construction barges still sail on its peaceful waters but the café terraces, buildings of contemporary architects and strollers have replaced the factories and workers who populated its dusty quays: in the north-east of Paris, the Canal de l'Ourcq is reinventing itself . Read more
The production of the ambitious solar car "Sion" scheduled for 2023
The "Sion", a family car covered entirely with solar panels, should be mass-produced in the second half of 2023, the German startup that produces it said on Monday July 25. Read more
The mythical Parisian trees struggling because of global warming
Olive trees and pines rather than plane trees and chestnut trees? Without upsetting the emblematic landscape of Paris, the introduction of new species more suited to the new climate is becoming inevitable, explains Béatrice Rizzo, forestry expert at the Department of Green Spaces and the Environment. Read more
In Sweden, "sensual" trash cans to raise awareness of cleanliness
"Hmmmmm... thank you...": if the two dustbins of the David Hall bridge in Malmö have a completely banal appearance, the more than sensual voice which emanates from them is enough to surprise its users. Read more
Algerian real estate is exhibiting in France for the first time
Living Room
On October 28, 29 and 30, the 1st New Algerian Real Estate Show in France will open its doors in Paris, at Espace Charenton in the 12th arrondissement, for its first edition. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Wienerberger reduces its carbon impact with innovative Eco-Stock® technology
News Manufacturer by Wienerberger
Wienerberger is pursuing its strategy in France to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by signing a contract with Eco-Tech Ceram, a company specializing in the storage and recovery of energy for the decarbonization of industry. Read more
Vandersanden publishes its 2021 Collective Wellbeing report
News Manufacturer by Vandersanden
Brickmaker Vandersanden publishes its 2021 report on Collective Well-being. This report should enable Vandersanden to present, each year, its efforts and results in terms of sustainable development in four areas: the environment, the (construction) sector, its own employees and the community. Read more
REP PMCB: Valobat, the FNB and the UICB express their joint commitments for the timber industry
Sorting / Recycling
Operational from 2023, the new REP PMCB regulations will lead to changes within the timber industry, with in particular the arrival of eco-organizations that will take charge of managing the end of life of products. Read more
Ademe Finance ClimAct: Presentation of sector transition plans
Video by ADEME
A Sectoral Transition Plan aims to build a 360° vision in order to allow manufacturers to change processes or even business models to better adapt to carbon neutrality objectives and prepare for changes in the demand of their downstream markets, which are also upset by the transition. Read more
Implementation of the Solterre micro-pv
Video by Terreal
Discover the installation of one of Terreal's photovoltaic solar solutions. Read more
Expanding polyurethane foam for Sikaboom -543 Maxi
Video by Sika France
This polyurethane foam is very expansive, it is also applicable with a gun. This product is suitable for wedging, insulating and filling caulking joints. It is the perfect foam in case of large volume. Finally, it also allows insulation against noise and cold following the first injection. Read more
Discovering the reversible motor
Video by DIRICKX
Discover the reversible motorization! Want to know more ? Go to our e-learning platform Academy by Dirickx on the website www.dirickx.fr Read more
Products and Materials
VR90 and VR70: BSO Schenker Stores for XXL racks
New product by Schenker Stores
The BSO VR 90 (90 mm wide) and VR 70 (70 mm wide) are aluminum slat blinds that differ in their elegant appearance and dimensions. Able to cover up to 11m² of surface area, these external venetian blinds are suitable for individual houses as well as commercial buildings. Read more
New DIVA RS fire rated sliding door from Portalp
New product by Portalp
In the event of a fire in a building, and in particular in Establishments open to the public, the priority is to stop the spread of flames in order to ensure the safe evacuation of people. For this, these buildings are governed by fire safety standards which specify that construction products must ensure a level of fire resistance, in accordance with standards EN 1634-1 and EN 13501-2. Read more
New CDVI RX Cube: manage and control access via smartphone
New product
Manufacturer of access control and electronic locking systems, CDVI has been committed for nearly 40 years to developing solutions that combine great ease of installation and use, while ensuring an optimal level of security. Read more
Projects and Achievements
GSE builds an aerial car park for the Rungis market
GSE is building, on behalf of Semmaris, an aerial car park with 445 spaces, intended for the international market of Rungis, the largest fresh produce market in the world. Read more
In Narbonne, Cozy Diem imagines an innovative housing concept to promote "aging well"
Jacques Rubio, Kaufman & Broad Regions Director, and Paul Gémar, President of the Serenis Network and President of Cozy Diem, inaugurated the first Cosy Diem senior services residence in Narbonne, in the presence of Sylvie Cousin, Deputy Mayor of Narbonne. Read more
Novéa Energies equips the city of Villeneuve-Loubet (06) with 19 eco-designed solar sets
Realization by Novéa Energies
Novéa Energies, a pioneer in the development, design and manufacture of energy-autonomous public lighting systems, has equipped Villeneuve-Loubet (06) with 19 custom-sized and designed solar streetlights, perfectly meeting environmental, economic and city ​​social. Read more
Products of the week

Continuous self-active product that makes a depolluting, self-cleaning and sanitizing surface

Detection radar that allows you to "see" through the ground

Simple and balanced natural slate ventilated facade

Benches, benches, armchairs, lounge chairs



Cupa Pizarras

Universe & City

Aluminum multi-material wall sliding window

Hamburg handles: a summary of HOPPE know-how

Extra thin laminated safety glass

Tower Crane / Mobile Crane Anti-Collision Assistance System

Millet Group


AGC Glass France

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