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2022 - Week 47
Energy renovation: too expensive and not enough aid, according to the Economic and Social Council
Study / Review / Report
The energy renovation of housing remains too expensive to be made compulsory without support, judges the Economic and Social Council (CESE), which suggests avenues of financing to help owners, such as specific loans repayable on sale or advances on inheritance. Read more
The Senate votes on a reform of the taxation on real estate capital gains
The Senate, dominated by the right-wing opposition, voted Friday evening, November 18, a centrist amendment to the draft budget, aimed at reforming the regime of capital gains from real estate sales, described by Minister Gabriel Attal as "a real big bang of the market immovable". Read more
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In short
Energy renovation: who are the eco-delinquents, their victims and how to avoid the pitfalls?
Study / Review / Report
For more than 15 years, Qualit'EnR has been monitoring customer complaint files received concerning heating, hot water or ventilation energy renovation projects. Read more
Energy renovation, a source of inequality?
Study / Review / Report
Key to the future of the planet and purchasing power, the energy renovation of buildings could accentuate inequalities in housing, in particular because of the amount to be paid for the advance on works. Read more
The heat pump in its heyday
Study / Review / Report
The heat pump, an old process of taking calories from the air or the ground to heat buildings, is experiencing renewed interest, driven by politicians to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Read more
The heating market: managing the crisis, preparing for the aftermath... the countdown has begun
Study / Review / Report
The heating market is in full transition. The urgency of energy sobriety and soaring prices are putting energy suppliers under pressure. Some suffer more than others…. How are they adapting to this new situation? The latest publication of Les Echos Etudes, “the heating market: managing the crisis, preparing for the aftermath” outlines the current and future challenges of a heating sector that has entered a new paradigm. Read more
Beware of fraudulent investments in the energy transition, warns the AMF
Study / Review / Report
The Financial Markets Authority (AMF) called on Monday, November 21, savers "to be extremely vigilant" on investment proposals in the energy transition, such as "eco-parking". Read more
Old real estate slows down but resists economic uncertainty
The prices of old real estate continued to increase in the third quarter of 2022, according to the Notaires-Insee reference index published on Thursday November 24, a little less quickly than before but surprisingly resisting economic uncertainties. Read more
Housing crisis and second homes: the Senate is struggling to find an answer
The Senate with a right-wing majority tried on Tuesday, November 22, during the examination of the draft budget for 2023, to provide a response to the tension of the housing market in tourist areas, without convincing the government. Read more
Mayors tempted by an increase in property tax rates in 2023
Reluctant until now to increase their property tax, mayors could be tempted to use this tax lever in 2023, one of the only ones still available to them, to preserve public services and cope with the explosion of their energy expenditure. Read more
The Senate opposed to the postponement of the revision of the rental values ​​of residential premises
On Wednesday, November 23, the Senate opposed the two-year postponement of the timetable for reviewing the rental values ​​of residential premises, which serve as the basis for calculating local taxes, in particular property tax. Read more
COP27: France welcomes progress but regrets a lack of ambition in the face of the climate emergency
Climate by Ministry of Ecological Transition
The 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) held in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) brought together more than 110 world leaders and 30.000 representatives of government, communities and non-state actors (NGOs, companies, etc.) for two weeks negotiations, from November 6 to 20, 2022. Read more
The order to the prefects to accelerate the deployment of renewable energies, remains without effect for onshore wind power, deplores the sector
Renewable energy
The government's instruction asking the prefects to speed up the processing of renewable energy projects has had no effect for onshore wind power, two months after the publication of this circular, lamented Tuesday, November 22 France wind energy (FEE), which represents the sector. Read more
Entry into force of the Housing Information Booklet: Issues, tools and implementation
Guide / Advice / Tutorial by Quality
On Monday, November 21, the QUALITEL Association, in partnership with AJCAM, Association of Journalists of Construction and Home Activities, organized a webinar dedicated to the Housing Information Book, which should soon come into force. . Read more
The network of Chambers of Trades and Crafts warns of a hole of 50 million in their 2023 budget
Organization News
Significant drop in its tax resources and consequent increase in its energy bill, with nearly 50 million euros less for 2023, the CMA network is sounding the alarm! It is about the quality of support for craft businesses as well as the economic development and attractiveness of our regions. Read more
24 hours of building: more than 7.000 business leaders gathered and important government announcements
News Organization by FFB
During the 24 hours of the building, on November 18, more than 7.000 craftsmen and entrepreneurs from all over France were able to listen to the President of the Republic, the Minister of the Economy, the Minister of Labor and Employment and the Minister delegate in charge of the City and Housing. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Investments for the future program (PIA3): Alkern winner of the “Innov Avenir Filière” call for projects
Contest / Prize / Trophy by Alkern
As part of the 3rd part of the investment for the future program (PIA3), the project entitled “Seine Eure Project”, led by the ALKERN company, was named winner of the “Innov' Avenir Filières” call for projects. Read more
WEB TV Würth: live shopping according to Würth
News Manufacturer by Wuerth France
In a constantly evolving world where purchasing habits change very quickly, Würth adapts to new trends by surfing on Digital. Read more
For Isover, “waste” rhymes with “resources”
News Manufacturer by Isover
The building sector generates 46 million tonnes of waste per year in France, more than households (around 30 million tonnes) and five times less than public works (220 million tonnes). More than 90% of building waste comes from deconstruction and rehabilitation work and the rest from new construction (7%)*. Read more
With Carsey 3D, 3D concrete printing goes to the industrial stage
News Manufacturer by Sika France
Carsey 3D was born from the meeting of actors committed to innovation, with the desire to consider 3D printing as a new industrial way to technically enrich a range of products and solutions. Read more
Elcia recycles its Batimat stand: the CO2 equivalent of 10 round trips Paris/Madrid by plane saved
Developer News by Elcia
Thought to be 0 waste until it is reused, the stand on which ELCIA exhibited at BATIMAT has been completely reused! With the support of MUTO EVENT, 2 tons of materials were recovered and donated to associations, communities and workshops, the equivalent of 4 tons of CO2 avoided! A strong gesture that is part of the Group's ecological approach. Read more
Point.P Gold Trophies - Roof Renovation Category - Pertet Toiture
With his apprentices, Romain offers three types of work: construction, renovation and installation of roof windows. Today, we find him at the top of a church steeple for a successful project, against all odds. Read more
Vaillant made you discover its boilers, heat pumps and thermostats during Interclima
Video by Vaillant
Vaillant was happy to welcome you to its Interclima stand from Monday 3 to Thursday 6 October 2022. The opportunity for Vaillant to make you discover or rediscover all its solutions and new products: hydrogen, RE 2020, R290 heat pumps, augmented reality , connectivity services... You have been more than 3 visitors to have found or met them during these 000 days on its 4 indoor and outdoor stands. Read more
How to waterproof your foundation walls with our bituminous solutions? | Weber tutorials
Video by Weaver
Discover with Weber How to waterproof your foundation walls with our bituminous solutions, step by step. Read more
Pouring with the Aussie-Trol
Video by Durieu
Discover in this new video an example of use of the Aussie-Trol product from Owatrol. Read more
24 Hours of Building - The results
Video by FFB
Pride and solidarity were the watchwords of the 24 Hours of Building Day organized on November 18 by the FFB. Craftsmen and business leaders from all over France met in large numbers (between 6000 and 7000) to meet and discuss the issues encountered by companies in the sector and share their passion for building. Read more
A look back at the Grand Paris Express site visits
On Saturday October 15, 2022, 4 visitors attended the second open day for the Grand Paris Express construction sites, organized by the Société du Grand Paris and its partners. Visitors were able to take a look behind the scenes of 000 construction sites and discuss with employees of the Société du Grand Paris and companions from the companies present. A success for this device which will have enabled the public to better understand the issues around the new metro. Read more
Eric's opinion on Sikagard®-127 Stop All in 1
Video by Sika France
Find in this video Eric's opinion on Sikagard®-127 Stop All in 1. This product is a treatment solution for supports against all types of traces (green, black, red, etc.). Read more
And boom ! Interview with Emmanuel di Giacomo, Chief Evangelist Officer at Autodesk
Video by Man and machine
For this 1st episode of Et BIM!, Man & Machine France welcomes Emmanuel di Giacomo, a key figure in BIM in France, to his microphone! Architect by training, artist, juror of the BIM d'Ors, he has worked for more than 20 years at Autodesk in the dissemination of BIM to the construction sector and its ecosystem and gives us the keys to a successful transition to BIM! Read more
Products and Materials
Embellishing and simplifying acrylic paint... When the magic of technique operates
Advertising-editorial by Durieu
Renovate, decorate, perpetuate, embellish everyday life. Optimizing painting work: application, open time, glide, rendering, multiplication of uses...: the details that make the difference! Durieu's know-how with its Owatrol range to revive paint. Read more
Resineo releases a new white color within its Resineo Quartz range
Range evolution by Resin
A new color in the Quartz range, Résineo Quartz Blanc completes the Résineo Drain color chart. Available in 10 shades of marble and now 9 shades of quartz, this draining floor covering meets both private landscaping projects (terraces, garden paths and pool decks), but also needs for resistance and technicality. professionals and communities. Read more
Masonry saw ideal for masons and landscapers
New product by ATDV
Equipped with an integrated cyclonic suction system capturing 99.5% of dust, the MS362 operates without water and dust. Read more
Isover launches Isoconfort 35 kraft 300 mm
New product by Isover
In order to provide the best possible support to craftsmen on their construction sites, ISOVER offers ever more efficient insulation solutions that are easy to install. Faced with new needs and thanks to its versatile industrial tool, the ISOVER experts have developed a unique product on its market: ISOCOMFORT 35 KRAFT 300 mm, dedicated to the new single-family home market. Read more
The glass balustrade: up to 2.500 mm in length to secure windows and balconies
New product by Glass Systems
In order to complete its range of railings, Glass Systems has recently integrated the Glass Balustrade to meet the demands of prescribers both for condominium projects and for individual houses. Read more
Projects and Achievements
A project by the architect Ricciotti partly challenged by the Métropole de Lyon
A point of the renovation project of the Museum of Fabrics in Lyon, piloted by the architect Rudy Ricciotti and financed by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, was challenged in the metropolitan council on Monday following a commission of inquiry, a we learned Monday, November 21 from the Metropolis of Lyon. Read more
Eiffage Construction installs a tower crane on the 26th floor of the Hopen Tower in Paris-La Défense
Construction site by Eiffage
As part of the modernization work on the ADRIA Tower, renamed the HOPEN Tower, in the business district of Paris - La Défense (92), Eiffage Construction has just installed a crane whose jib reaches 222 meters. Read more
With his autonomous house, he does not know the energy crisis
Expensive energy? "It no longer concerns me", explains the retired engineer who embarked six years ago on the construction of an energy self-sufficient house, a solution that is increasingly popular today. Read more
In Nancy, an eco-friendly college to save energy bills
Wisely seated in the documentation and information center (CDI), the pupils of the 5th year of the Niki de Saint-Phalle college in Nancy are unanimous on their new establishment: "it's beautiful", "ecological", "pleasant" and "we eat well" in the canteen. Read more
Ehret designs original sun protection for the façade of the national criminal police office in Schwerin
Realization by The honor
In terms of architecture, particularism, aesthetics and imagination have a preponderant role. The coordination of the three is destined to offer a singular design. EHRET, which complied with this exercise brilliantly, signed the architecture of the solar protections of the new building of the Institute of Criminology in Schwerin and offered a fascinating spectacle. Read more
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