Nanterre, France Water pumps and circulators Manufacturer of products and materials

Xylem is a water technology player present all over the world, and wherever there is water. Our job is to design and install equipment and technological solutions to solve water-related problems.

Because today more than ever, there is an imperative need to preserve water resources, which, contrary to what is often thought in developed countries like France, is not infinite.

By 2025, +1,8 billion people will live in areas of water scarcity. To meet this vital challenge, our corporate mission at Xylem is to put technology at the service of optimizing water management, in order to preserve the resource.

For this, we offer products and services to transport, treat, analyze, monitor and return water to its natural environment. To give you some concrete examples, we manufacture pumps to prevent flooding on rivers; we install water analysis stations upstream/downstream of river infrastructures; we equip homes and factories with smart water meters, which allow better management of consumption, we circulate sensors in the pipes, to detect leaks and facilitate network maintenance, etc.