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Erstein cedex, France Fastening and assembly material Manufacturer of products and materials
  1. M-CUBE® by Würth: 18 V Ass 18-1/2' Compact Li-ion Battery Impact Wrench
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  3. Würth A10 silicone sealant: a new high performance
  4. Arrange your workshop to gain comfort and efficiency
  5. Würth France at the Batimat fair
  6. New M-Cube by Würth: saber saw with 18V AFS 18 Compact LI-ION battery
  7. Purlogic Zero from Würth France receives a silver award at the BAT'E-NNOV
  8. Würth France announces the laying of the first stone of the Evolog site, the expansion of its logistics platforms
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