Wuerth France

Erstein cedex, France Fastening and assembly material Manufacturer of products and materials

Our greatest business is supporting yours!

A global family group, Würth is present in more than 80 countries with more than 400 companies.

In France, with more than 4 employees including more than 2 salespeople, Würth consolidates its field presence with a network of 200 outlets located throughout France, a call-center (the Würth Direct Service) which has more than 70 sedentary salespeople and a growing e-commerce offer.

We design, manufacture and distribute quality products for building, automotive and industry professionals, available throughout France. Because each job is different, with its own needs, at Würth, there are no small jobs or small products.

We make every effort to meet the specific requests of each client with the same quality requirement. With a range of more than 100 references available on our online store and specialized design offices available, we offer our customers tailor-made solutions guaranteeing the quality, resistance and longevity of their projects.

Are you a professional and have specific needs? Würth has the right solutions for you:

  • Würth quality: A requirement of quality for each stage of the life of our products.
  • The Würth service: Always on the lookout for solutions that make our clients' jobs easier.
  • Würth innovation: All our products are created and developed in a context of continuous improvement.
  • More than 100 Würth products available on our online store

Do not wait any longer, ask for your documentation and discover our solutions adapted to your needs.