ViaConPremium Partner

Neuville sur Saone, France Comfort, Safety, Road environment Manufacturer of products and materials

For more than 40 years in France, ViaCon France formerly TUBOSIDER has been working in the road infrastructure and road safety sectors.

Wherever you are, ViaCon France accompanies you and a trained eye would tell you that you are driving on an anti-seismic road underpass with a Tubosider metal nozzle, that this or that district is protected from flooding by storm buffer basins or that this river is channeled by ViaCon Spirel® pipes. The 38 tonne truck or travel bus will appreciate riding alongside Tubosider H4b level very high energy absorbing CE safety barriers to avoid disasters….

This is our Mission Comfort, Safety and the Environment of the Road:

  • Management and storage of rainwater: Spirel pipes, storm surge tanks, pipes ...
  • Road infrastructure: Underpasses, SuperCor and UltraCor, retaining structures, formwork, silos and tunnels in quarries ...
  • Road Safety: CE level N2 / H1 / H2 / H3 / H4b safety barriers, shock attenuators, etc.