URETEK® FrancePremium Partner

Marne la Vallée, France Consolidation of soil by injection of expansive resin Manufacturer of products and materials
  1. Stabilization of a building in Austria with the Multipoint injection technique
  2. Preservation of road infrastructure on a motorway towards Turin
  3. Stabilization of a sagging Italian villa
  4. Reinforcement of the pen Lannic hold in Larmor Baden
  5. Rehabilitation of the Musée des Jacobins in Morlaix
  6. Reinforcement of river docks at the port of Suffren in Paris
  7. Waterproofing of a dry dock near Bayonne by URETEK®
  8. Improvement of soils under tracks on a TGV line
  9. Stabilization of a drought-stricken house
  10. Waterproofing of a rail bridge in the Yonne