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Do you want to boost your sales and position yourself as the portal specialist in your sector? Building a lasting partnership, benefiting from a strong brand?

Then the Tschoeppe network is for you.

A common vision

The home improvement market, particularly that of home renovation, is structured around major national brands.

Tschoeppé and the professionals who have joined the network have the ambition to create together a strong brand, nationally recognized by the general public, a reference in terms of product quality and to be the leading network for the sale and installation of private portal.

A concept that adapts to all profiles

The concept of our network adapts perfectly to all profiles:

  • Existing company wishing to take advantage of the strength of a network
  • Entrepreneur looking for security and support
  • Employee in retraining

Above all, we are looking for Men whose ambition is to make the "Portal" activity a strategic activity in their company!

Why join us?

The best placed to talk about the interest of the network are the Relais Confiance themselves. Asked about the reasons why they are attached to the network, and ready to recommend it, they gave us 8 main reasons:

1 - Benefit from an exclusive product: with Tschoeppé, you have a wide range of quality portals, which meets all requests, and which you are the only one to offer locally thanks to sector exclusivity. This is a tremendous element of differentiation compared to competitors.

2 - Receive contacts and exploit a good brand image: the network ensures strong national communication on television and on the internet which generates a large number of contacts sent to the Relais Confiance. The very positive brand image also allows you to reassure the individual and helps to convince him.

3 - Increase your sales: Sales training with respect for the customer, developed with the best experts, a real customer relationship monitoring process, simple to implement and effective, the Tschoeppé network brings you a proven methodology to improve your commercial efficiency and therefore your conversion rates and your margins.

4 - Make yourself known in your sector: the network provides you with a complete kit of effective local communication tools, which will allow you to make yourself known as THE portal specialist in the sector.

5 - Use the Tschoeppé recruitment assistance: the network offers very practical assistance for recruiting your sales representatives or installers, assistance with writing the ad, negotiated rates on the largest recruitment sites, assistance in selection of CVs, support during recruitment interviews, support for the integration of the employee.

6 - Preserve your independence and your identity: Relais Confiance remain totally independent, and free to choose their suppliers for all products other than aluminum gates and fences. The network strives to highlight the corporate name of Relais Confiance and all of their activities, unlike many brands that hide the name and specificities of their members.

7 - Join a dynamic and close-knit community: Meetings with other Relais Confiance are strong moments, which allow you to exchange with other portal professionals on common issues, to benefit from the experience of others, and to learn new ways of working. These meetings are also very friendly, with an atmosphere of trust and mutual support.

8 - Take part in decisions: At Tschoeppé, there are no distant shareholders. We are a family group, master of its own destiny, and we have chosen to involve our Relais Confiance partners. Listening to your expectations is real. All decisions concerning the network (communication, development of new products, etc.) are taken by a strategic committee in which the Relais Confiance are the majority. The essential decisions are submitted to all the members of the network.