Trace Software

Saint-Romain-de-Colbosc, France Electrical or photovoltaic design software Developer, editor, e-commerce

With 30 years of experience, Trace Software International is a company specializing in the development of software and services dedicated to industrial engineering, with unique expertise in the design of electrical installations.

With a double expertise, both technological and focused on engineering, TSI not only responds to customer demand but designs innovative solutions capable of upsetting routines and providing crucial advantages in terms of safety and profitability. Trace Software International has subsidiaries, among others, in France, Spain, Morocco, and a global presence via distributors or approved partners ensuring marketing, implementation and service.

A range of products to optimize the design of electrical or photovoltaic projects:

  • elec calc ™ : electrical calculation software. Your HV / LV calculations in a single real-time system in accordance with international standards
  • elec calc ™ BIM: software perfectly integrating elec calc ™, electrical calculation software used in sizing projects, in an Open BIM process
  • archelios ™ Suite : design your entire photovoltaic installation, feasibility study, 3D simulation, electrical sizing, monitoring your installation