Toulouse cedex 1, France Aluminum construction systems Manufacturer of products and materials
  1. Awards ceremony for the 20th edition of the Architecture Aluminum Technal awards
  2. Meeting of Technal aluminum, wood and concrete for a family home in Fontcouverte (17)
  3. Full and empty games for a school group and an early childhood center in Toulouse
  4. A renovated envelope for the Metroscop office building in Créteil (94)
  5. Technal is carrying out a new 100% BIM project with its dedicated TECH3D BIM configurator
  6. Technal random opening set for the "Toi" house in Villeneuve d'Ascq (59)
  7. Technal custom log closings provide an exterior to each dwelling in a tower
  8. Technal is participating in the rehabilitation of the "Le Domino" cinema and in the construction of a cultural center in Méru (60)
  9. Technal dresses the Aimé Césaire college in Saint-Geours-de-Maremne (40) with 1.700m² of joinery
  10. Create framing on the outside like tables with Technal openings