SYbayPremium Partner

Bretignolles, France Custom wood, PVC, Aluminum and mixed carpentry Manufacturer of products and materials

Launched in 2014, SYbay is the brand dedicated to the Millet Group's carpenters. Carpentry manufacturer of made-to-measure doors and windows since 1946, the MILLET Group offers a new approach to carpentry under the entity of a “community”.

Faithful to the values ​​of craftsmanship and strong in 25 years of solid experience , the 1200 employees design, manufacture and market more than 200 openings and closures per year with technical and aesthetic qualities “Made in France”:

  • SY MA and SY MA.s ALU multi-material range (aluminum / aluminum - aluminum / wood - aluminum / pvc)
  • PVC SY EL range
  • WOOD SY LE range
  • Range of aluminum / mixed / pvc / wood entry doors SY PE
  • The innovations Wall-mounted sliding door and wooden window "sheep and wolf's mouth"

Innovative and demanding, SYbay creates the difference through a daily commitment to a sustainable world: eco-design, selection of wood, lead-free PVC, chrome VI-free metal hardware, improvement of the working environment, recycling of wooden windows into designer furniture, reduction of environmental impacts. environment,... so many actions, so many contributions that reinforce the desire to continue to manufacture innovative and different products for all carpenters who respect and love their profession.