Sully-sur-Loire, France OSB Panels & Particles Manufacturer of products and materials

Founded in 1966 by entrepreneur Ernst Kaindl in Switzerland, the SWISS KRONO group is today one of the European leaders in the field of wood-based materials for the construction, furniture and coating markets. of ground.

SWISS KRONO Group employs more than 5.100 people around the world, in its 10 production sites located in 8 countries, in Switzerland, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and the USA.

Established in France in Sully sur Loire (Loiret) since 1988, through its subsidiary SWISS KRONO France, the company employs nearly 400 people, to produce and market wood-based products, intended for construction, fittings or furnishings: particle board and slabs, OSB and MDF, melamine shelves, technical solutions, decorative melamine panels, laminates, edgebanding, and worktops ...

Concerned about nature and the environment, SWISS KRONO promotes the use of PEFC-certified wood and thus contributes to the sustainable management of forests, in particular through its own forestry operations. Established in the heart of a forest massif and located near major consumption centers, SWISS KRONO is reducing its radius for the supply of raw materials and the delivery of products, thus significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

The group is making significant investments in order to reduce the dependence of its factories on fossil fuels, by using dust and raw material residues as fuel. In addition, the use of wood for the manufacture of panels makes it possible to permanently fix the CO2 from the atmosphere in construction or furniture products, which can themselves be upgraded at the end of their life cycle.

This environmental approach is reinforced with the commitment to the Bois de France brand, which guarantees the composition and French processing of our OSB range.

Protecting the environment, maintaining natural resources, innovating, transmitting its passion for wood and making it accessible to all, these are SWISS KRONO's commitments.