Soprema Companies

Strasbourg cedex, France Building envelope and metal frame Sealing company
  1. Business resort Paris Pleyel: metal structures made by SMB and waterproofing by Soprema Entreprises
  2. Soprema Entreprises designs the high-hygrometry envelope for the new Odyssée water park in Aulnay-sous-Bois
  3. Paris-Asia Business Center: a construction perfectly integrated into its environment
  4. Installation of the facades of the CTLES of Bussy St Georges (77) is completed
  5. The Soprema Entreprises agency in Montpellier completes the construction of its new positive energy premises
  6. Soprema Entreprises creates an unusual plant ramp on the roof of a media library
  7. Inauguration of the new Grand Dole fire station (39)
  8. Soprema Entreprises dresses the facades on the site of the Brassens - Camus complex in Lormont
  9. The “Les Fuseaux” Cultural Center opens its doors
  10. The Hôtel de Région d'Auvergne, a building emblematic of regional materials, BBC and HQE certified