Strasbourg cedex, France Waterproofing, revegetation and insulation Manufacturer of products and materials

An independent family group since its creation in 1908, SOPREMA has established itself as one of the world's leading companies in the field of waterproofing, but also as a specialist in roofing, acoustic underlays and insulation. The SOPREMA Group has grown and diversified throughout the world by integrating over the years activities complementary to its original business: waterproofing. Having become the world leader in waterproofing solutions, the Group is today a key player in the building sector.

With a staff of With 9 employees worldwide, including 720 in France and a turnover of 4823 billion Euros in 3,74, SOPREMA has a global industrial and commercial presence with 2021 factories, including 51 in France, 15 subsidiaries operations and more than 100 distributors.

SOPREMA has a presence in 90 countries, 17 R&D centers with a strong Sustainable Development focus and 22 training centers in 8 countries.