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  1. Insulating Paint
    Insulating paints
    We are the importer and distributor of ultra thin KORUND insulation which has the best thermal insulation coefficient of heat-insulating paints (λ=0.0011). This product, applied in the same way as a coating, allows significant savings by significantly reducing thermal losses, particularly for homes. The KORUND product has numerous advantages: Minimum bulk (2 to 3 mm) for high performance exceptional thermal EcologicalEase of implementation with trowel, brush or projection (Airless)Inside: Thermal insulation of walls, ceilings and cold floorsAvoid the lining of wallsRemoves thermal bridgesAnti-condensation: water vapor permeability class V1 Anti-mouldNon-flammable and non-toxic in the event of fire Maintains its insulation capabilities even when covered Outside in facade renovation: A single product for thermal insulation and renovation of facades Cushions the cost of renovation by reducing heating or air conditioning costsEvites lining walls for old buildings and stylish villasRemoves thermal bridgesProtection of surfaces against rain and moldEffective protection against UV (99%) and sun rays (85%)Anti-condensation: vapor permeability water class V1 Water absorption index class W2 against rising water by capillary action Frost resistance – no change after 50 cycles Water repellent Class 3 for outdoor use with humidity levels above 20% You can consult the applications page from our site: ultra-thin insulation has been used successfully for 15 years in more than 60 countries!