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Finally a complete DATI PTI solution for a safety adapted to the construction industry everywhere and all the time!

A box and a smartphone application designed for the safety of lone workers.

Neovigie stands out with a global turnkey solution after two years of R&D work for the deployment of the warning functions essential to construction and construction professionals.

Discover a unique range of Lone Worker Alert Systems (DATI) very intuitive, reliable and optimized for increased security:

  • PTI VigieApp® application for iOS and Android smartphones
  • DATI VigieLink® terminal using the 2G / 4G network
  • VigieControl® Web portal in SaaS mode (Cloud servers)

VigieApp® - Alert application for smartphone

The VigieApp® smartphone application is compatible with iOS and Android mobiles. It allows you to easily ensure the safety and security of employees.

Released from any constraint, site managers, technicians, workers, maintenance agents, craftsmen, etc. will be able to carry out their missions in complete safety, reassured to know that they have an alert system in the event of a problem in accordance with the regulations imposed on the employer in terms of staff safety according to article L4121-1 of the Labor Code.

VigieLink® - Dedicated alert system

The VigieLink® terminal is a DATI that allows your employees exposed to risky situations to trigger alerts that will be sent to the Neovigie platform using the 2G / 4G network. It is particularly suitable for difficult working environments: construction site, machine noise, dust, heavy and dangerous materials, work at height ... or who wish to have a tool dedicated solely to security.

The VigieLink®, 100% compatible with the VigieApp® smartphone application, is a true concentrate of technologies:

  • Waterproof (IP67: up to 1 meter deep for 30 min)
  • Robust: impact and drop resistant
  • Equipped with a microphone and a loudspeaker to be able to make calls and remove doubts. In the event of an alert, your control officers can check the situation by listening and or talking to the employee (if he is aware) and thus intervene more quickly in the event of a serious incident (discomfort, fall, etc. ).

VigieControl® - Web portal

La VigieControl® management web platform allows your controllers and agents responsible for employee security to access all alert management services from a simple web browser: display of the status of terminals and current alarms, location of users in difficulty, configuration of the different types of alarms for each user or for a group of users, definition of the alarm procedures to be applied in the event of a problem emergency, etc.

In the event of a PTI alarm being triggered, it is possible to notify the alert by SMS, by telephone or by email to the persons designated to supervise the safety of your employees.

Maximum level of security!

The equipment, designed from the outset with a view to resilience and maximum resistance to external threats, offers an ultra-secure working environment for your employees wherever they are on sites, indoors, in basements, or outdoors ... with 8 different types of alarms :

  • dedicated SOS button (manual alarm)
  • automatic alarms: loss of verticality, detection of movement (fall ...), absence of movement (malaise), lifeline alarm, geofencing and loss of link
  • Safe mode for enhanced security when needed
  • positive safety function (loss of link, monitoring of battery status, GPS ...)

A location in all your areas of intervention!

Your employees work on a large perimeter and on very extensive sites. With DATI PTI devices, locating them is no problem, both outdoors and indoors!

In the event of an alert, they are located outside via the GPS integrated into the box (or that of the smartphone). Indoors, in buildings, tunnels, or even basements, localization is carried out using Bluetooth beacons.

High-level 24/24 & 7/7 supervision!

If you wish to delegate the supervision of alerts 24/24, the Neovigie solution is notably compatible with Securitas remote monitoring centers. The world leader in security has approved centers APSAD type P3, the most demanding level in terms of structure and data recording.

To find out about all the functionalities of the PTI DATI Neovigie devices, go to:

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In 2019, Neovigie received the 1st Orange Developper Challenge Prize >> with the SNCF for the protection of the agents in the stations who were able to use the prototype of the DATI box in preview.

Who is Neovigie?

Neovigie is part of the LPI group, which has 50 years of experience in the development, production and marketing of high-tech communication systems, notably with its sister company Icom France, a specialist in professional radiocommunication.

"Our objective is clear: high-tech at the service of a very great ease of use" says its director, Lionel Lewin. "With our turnkey products in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, everything is already configured for you. Our PTI mobile application and our DATI box work in France and in all countries of the world, without any special installation."