Toulouse, France Protection of lone workers PTI - DATI Manufacturer of products and materials

Neovigie supports construction professionals with innovative PTI / DATI!

Neovigie offers you Lone Worker Alert Systems (DATI) intuitive, reliable and optimized for the protection of your employees by relying on the know-how of the LPI Group, specialist in high-tech communication systems since 1976.

Make the choice of high-performance PTI and DATI designed and manufactured in France:

  • PTI VigieApp® application for iOS and Android smartphones
  • DATI VigieLink® terminal robust and waterproof operating on the GSM network
  • VigieControl® supervision portal operating in SaaS with a simple secure web connection

The PTI and DATI Neovigie constitute an ultra-secure alert system for your employees wherever they are, on construction sites, indoors, in basements, or outdoors, with 7 different types of alarms :

SOS button on the DATI (manual alarm)

Automatic alarms : loss of verticality, detection of movement (fall, etc.), absence of movement (discomfort), lifeline alarm, anti-tearing alarm (aggression), geofencing alert (entering or leaving a pre-defined area), link loss

Doubt relief thanks to the DATI voice function

Location of the person in distress via the GPS of the box or the smartphone

Safe mode for enhanced security when needed

Positive safety function : loss of link, monitoring of the state of the battery, of the GPS ...

24/24 monitoring!

If you wish to delegate the supervision of alerts, the Neovigie solution is particularly compatible with Apsad P3 approved Securitas remote monitoring centers.

To find out about all the functionalities of the PTI DATI Neovigie devices, go to:

"Our objective is clear: high-tech at the service of a very great ease of use" says its director, Lionel Lewin. "With our turnkey products in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, everything is already configured for you. Our PTI mobile application and our DATI box work in France and in all countries of the world, without any special installation."