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  1. At Mapic in Cannes, commercial real estate places social ties at the center of its strategy
  2. Off-Site construction continues to develop in France but still lags behind the main European countries
  3. Expoprotection Sécurité 2021 is a great success
  4. Équipbaie-Métalexpo 2021: an edition that met expectations
  5. The new strategy of the Batimat, Idéobain and Interclima shows on the way to success!
  6. Expoprotection Sécurité 2021 presents the Cyber ​​prevention Village
  7. The fourth edition of Batimat's Start-Ups Construction Tech® Challenge is launched
  8. Interclima 2022: Manufacturers are present at the key climatic engineering meeting
  9. The Mondial du Bâtiment meetings: an update on the decarbonisation of construction sites
  10. The new Batimat on the road to success