Paris, France Rock wool insulation Manufacturer of products and materials
  1. Rockwool continues its actions in the fight against unfit housing and all forms of discrimination
  2. Rockwool unveils its new “By Nature” brand positioning, inspired by the natural performance of stone wool
  3. Rockwool partner of the CiDB at the Ninth National Conference on the Quality of the Sound Environment 2022
  4. Faced with the announced energy shortage, Rockwool recommends sustainable insulation of housing
  5. Rockwool partner of One Ocean Foundation during the Sail GP
  6. Rockwool rewarded at the 50th UNTEC Congress with a silver medal for Rockcycle Réno
  7. Rockfeu Therm RsD, a new range to improve the thermal excellence of floor insulation added under slabs
  8. Rockwool sponsor of the "Re-Generation" exhibition celebrates African photography in Arles
  9. EcoVadis awards a gold medal to Rockwool's CSR policy
  10. Rockwool innovates by offering individuals support from A to Z for the energy renovation of their homes