Paris, France Rock wool insulation Manufacturer of products and materials

ROCKWOOL France SAS belongs to the ROCKWOOL Group. With a factory in Auvergne and 816 employees, ROCKWOOL is positioning itself as a local company offering innovative insulation systems for buildings.

The ROCKWOOL Group is committed to enriching the lives of all those who experiment with its solutions. Its expertise makes it possible to meet the biggest current challenges in terms of sustainability and development: energy consumption, noise pollution, fire resilience, water scarcity or floods. The ROCKWOOL product range reflects the diverse needs of the planet, while helping stakeholders reduce their carbon footprint.

Rock wool is a versatile material that forms the basis of our activity. With around 11.000 passionate employees in 39 countries, ROCKWOOL is the world leader in rock wool solutions: from building insulation to acoustic ceilings, exterior facade claddings to horticultural solutions, composite fibers for use industrial, insulation for the processing industry or shipbuilding and offshore industry.