RHEINZINKPremium Partner

Neulise, France Roofing, cladding and drainage of rainwater Manufacturer of products and materials

The world's leading manufacturer of zinc-titanium for the building industry, RHEINZINK operates with 700 employees in nearly 40 countries.

Since its creation in 1966 in Datteln (Ruhr / Germany) RHEINZINK promotes dialogue with its customers in order to be a world reference in zinc-titanium systems for:

  • The cover : Zinc roofing systems designed for generations: maintenance-free, long-lasting and durable.
  • The cladding : The facade is the face of the house. With RHEINZINK, it becomes the calling card of architecture.
  • The evacuation of rainwater : (gutters, downpipes ...) RHEINZINK offers a multitude of forms and possibilities of personalized implementation.

RHEINZINK offers high-quality zinc in various surface finishes in four product lines for architectural applications around the world.

  • RHEINZINK-CLASSIC : the shiny material which, over time, forms a gray-blue patina typical of zinc
  • RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC: the only truly pre-weathered zinc surfaces in the world now produced with 50% less CO2.
  • RHEINZINK-GRANUM : zinc with a uniform pre-aged appearance right out of the factory.
  • RHEINZINK-PRISMO : semi-transparent colors inspired by nature which allow the veining of the zinc to show through.

The different systems in various shapes and sizes combined with RHEINZINK services such as co-creation, product customization or tailor-made shaping make possible a high level of adaptability and customization for architectural projects of all sizes.