Escalquens, France External drainage coating Manufacturer of products and materials

Résineo is a range of exterior floor coverings for all your landscaping projects manufactured by LRVision. Offering a full range of draining coatings, Résineo aims to meet the new challenges of water management for communities, professionals and individuals.

The Résineo range is made up of technical coatings for the layout of your outdoor spaces:

  • Resin Drain: it is our flagship coating. Made from mineral aggregates of quartz or marble agglomerated by a high performance resin manufactured by us. This coating has been certified by the Scientific and Technical Center for Building.
    • Some characteristics of Résineo Drain: UV resistant, Drive-over, Draining, Anti-slip.
  • Résineo GRIP: Non-slip coating for pedestrian spaces and driveways.
  • Resin Tree: deformable technical coating for all your tree towers. This draining coating will allow you to enhance your tree towers.
    • Some characteristics of Résineo Arbre: Draining, deformable, easy to maintain, resistant to animal droppings.
  • Résineo Games: shock absorbing covering for play areas, recreational grounds and all spaces requiring increased safety. Résineo Jeux complies with standard NF EN 1177. It allows the creation of original and playful damping floors.
  • Résineo Rénov: restructuring coating for concrete floors. Résineo Rénov allows you to economically renovate your concrete floors. Available in many colors, it will allow you to secure and renovate your concrete slabs.

Résineo products are applied by a network of partner artisans trained and approved by us.

The LRVision company which manufactures the Résineo brand is a member of BPI Excellence, of the French Fab network and ISO 9001 certified.