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Reflective fabrics from space research

For almost 30 years, REFLEX'SOL blinds have been dressing verandas, windows and bay windows for individuals and professionals with high-performance reflective fabrics that help effectively combat the greenhouse effect. Better yet, Reflex'sol blinds and fabrics also protect from the cold and transform the glass walls into a magnificent decorative element.

The large glass surfaces offered by verandas and bay windows are both an aesthetic delight and a magnificent source of light ... But many owners quickly realize that this living space turns into an oven from the first heat where, on the contrary, in a cooler, when temperatures become negative, making the space unusable.

Thanks to its efficient and reflective insulating solutions, REFLEX'SOL offers fabrics which make it possible to effectively combat both the greenhouse effect in verandas but also the cold, allowing you to enjoy your glazed spaces throughout the year.

REFLEX'SOL Anti-Heat Blinds

Reflected in space research, REFLEX'SOL reflective fabrics are composed of metallized Mylar ribbons which return the solar radiation to the outside and prevent the heating of the glass parts. It is the ideal sun protection solution for verandas and bay windows. Not only do they protect you better than all external sun protection, but they are not subject to the weather and their vagaries.

In accordance with thermal regulations which impose an energy consumption lower than a reference consumption and in summer, a temperature below a reference temperature, REFLEX'SOL Anti-Heat blinds offer sufficient sun protection to limit the use of 'air conditioning.

The REFLEX'SOL brand sun protection solutions are offered by the company Adeima which presents blinds and reflection solutions 100% Made in France since 1987.

Tested in research centers and patented, much more than simple blinds, REFLEX'SOL products offer well-being and interior comfort.

REFLEX'SOL products are available all over France, from the best veranda manufacturers and storists.