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Mulhouse cedex, France Prestressed concrete and reinforced concrete floor, walls and structural elements Manufacturer of products and materials
  1. Treatment of Rector pre-slab joints
  2. Demonstration of Rector's SIP underbody system - Les Démos d'Estelle
  3. The experts' table, the challenge of sobriety in new collective housing
  4. Installation of Rector breaker extensions
  5. Installation of the Basement & Roof Terrace Equatio Box
  6. Installation of the Equatio Floor Box & Roof Terrace on the Equatio Floor Floor
  7. Installation of the Equatio Crawl Space Box on an Equatio VS floor
  8. Installation of reinforcement and reinforcement cages for the SIP at the property boundary
  9. SIP Rector: an easy-to-implement system
  10. SIP Rector - A compliant and all-terrain solution