Purple Alternative Surface

Cravanche, France Permeable, eco-responsible and modular tiles Manufacturer of products and materials

Created in 2020, Purple Alternative Surface has established itself as a company with a mission, revolutionizing the recycling and construction sectors with its innovative and unique industrial process. Its commitment to the circular economy is reflected in the transformation of non-recycled plastic waste into permeable coatings intended for the construction industry.

The patented Purple slabs, used in the development of car parks and traffic lanes, offer effective management of rainwater, reducing the risk of flooding and promoting the recharge of groundwater. Each parking space created with these solutions saves a ton of CO2, thus contributing to the fight against climate change.

As part of the deployment of its innovative industrial process, Purple Alternative Surface will develop mini-factories capable of recycling 1000 tonnes of plastic waste per year as close as possible to waste deposits, thus embodying its commitment to the circular economy.

Purple Alternative Surface remains determined to be a major player in the ecological transition, offering innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.