Suresnes cedex, France Plasterboard, lining, plaster tile Manufacturer of products and materials

Plasterboard: an engine for the plaster and insulation sector

Pioneer of plasterboard, the company Placoplatre constantly cultivates innovation and performance by designing practical insulation solutions adaptable to all types of sites: new as in renovation, in non-residential and individual housing and collective.

High performance insulation solutions

Each year, between 5 and 20 new products are launched by the company Placoplatre. The objective? Propose insulation and interior design solutions (link to 5.3.5 Interior design) in line with the new expectations of its customers and developments in the housing sector.

The Placo® ranges thus take into account the challenges of the building: energy performance, thermal regulations, fire protection or even, improvement of indoor air quality…

Plasterboard: market leader in plaster and insulation

Placoplatre is part of the Saint-Gobain group, itself the world leader in housing. Founded in 1946, this pioneering company is today the French leader in plaster-based products (link to 2.3.2 Plaster Guide) and in expanded polystyrene insulation. This rise as well as its ability to adapt to environmental and industrial issues make Placoplatre® a “sustainable” brand.

Today, the company is able to carry out a strong training policy for construction professionals and to run, within the Club Entreprises Placo®, the first national network of planning and construction companies. insulation, bringing together the most reliable and qualified installation companies.

Placoplatre® insulation solutions

The technical solutions developed by Placo® are now benchmarks for interior design and building insulation:

  • Placoplatre® plasterboard
  • Lutèce® plasters
  • Gyptone® ceiling tiles
  • Placomur® insulation linings
  • Caroplatre® plaster tiles
  • insulation of Hourdisol® and Voutisol® floors
  • Placostil® and Stil Prim® profiles and accessories

Smarter, more complementary and always “cleaner” in terms of manufacturing, the latest Placo® innovations all have the raison d'être of improving the living comfort of building occupants. This is for example the case with Activ'air® technology, which guarantees optimal indoor air quality.