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Paris, France Site monitoring and real estate portfolio management platform Developer, editor, e-commerce

PlanRadar is a collaborative SaaS platform that allows its users to pilot, manage and monitor their construction or real estate projects.

The solution brings more fluidity and precision in the management and access to documentation (information, photos, videos, documents or voice memos, etc.), task monitoring and communication between all project stakeholders.

Owners, project managers or even operators, maintainers, engineers, construction use it throughout the life cycle of a real estate or construction project and thus carry out missions and actions together.

PlanRadar in a few figures is:

  • More than 120 000 users
  • More than 65 countries
  • More than 400 employees
  • More than 18 offices around the world, including 1 in Paris

The platform is available on all platforms (Smartphones, Tablets and PC; on iOS and Android), as well as on all browsers.