Cupa PizarrasPartner

Rennes, France Natural slate Manufacturer of products and materials
  1. Cupa Pizarras installs 48 thermal solar panels in Thermoslate slate on the roofs of the “Béguinage du Bon Secours” in Vendôme
  2. A natural slate facade enhanced thanks to the Cupaclad Design Waterfall concept and its dynamic vertical installation
  3. 265.000 slates to adorn the roofs of the Cité internationale de la langue française
  4. Slate on the roof and on the facade for a house that combines aesthetics and energy efficiency
  5. A curvaceous and slate nursery
  6. A heated swimming pool thanks to the natural properties of Cupa Pizarras slate
  7. 120.000 Cupa Pizarras slates for the new Puy du Fou creation